This is not a usual day, when you should wear your old home clothes. Neither is it a reason for you to be nervous. On the contrary, you need to be the most beautiful, the happiest and a nice dress is sometimes enough to make you feel so. The holidays and the social gatherings in December are the reason for us to be more glamorous, more attractive and different. This is why we seize the opportunity to dig deep into the wardrobe or find a reason to go shopping.

The opportunities for your holiday outfit are plenty but the black sleeveless dress, tightly fitted to the body, is one of the classic options. Going down to your knee or even reaching further down to the ground, it could be paired with a cardigan or with a shawl for more splendour. If, however, black is not your cup of tea, then golden hues and metallic sparkles in your outfit are another traditional possibility for you to celebrate, dressed in style. Do not put on rough or high boots, though. It is best to wear high-heeled or flat shoes because in the holiday evenings, especially indoors, your legs and feet will be warm enough.

On more casual occasions, where you don’t need to follow strict etiquette, you could wear a soft sweater in a light colour with a pair of black trousers. You could add a hairstyle different from your usual one and the trousers may shift to a comfortable pair of jeans as long as you feel in place in daily wear. Put on some oversized glittering jewellery and you are going to make your outfit festive and different.

For a romantic dinner, which might grow into a visit to a night club, you can consider some sexier options for your outfit. These include a mini skirt or a short dress. In such situations, however, the rule for impeccable style and elegance is still applicable – if you show too much of your legs, then the neckline has to remain decent, and vice versa. Combine with an elegant hairstyle and shoes which will feel comfortable enough.

If the event which you are attending is connected to your business environment, it is a good idea for you to follow the according dress code. This means that the boots over the knee, the sequin shirt and the jeans have to stay at home. For corporate occasions choose more serious and smart clothing. This allows for some slightly more creative variations of the office style.

Among the things which you need to take into consideration is the necessity to prepare a second pair of comfortable shoes, which can back you up in case the night continues until dawn. Do not put on too tight clothes if you are going to a family dinner, where you are supposed to indulge yourself in food a bit more than usual. If the night is organised under a specific theme, always follow the dress code so that you don’t turn out to be the odd one out in the special evening. Also, it is absolutely obligatory to bring your festive mood with you wherever you go for the whole December.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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