If there is one thing that could be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe next to the little black dress, the comfy denim, and the irreplaceable leather jacket, then this is… the beige coat. In spite of the fact that it often undergoes various designer changes, it remains a favourite for many women in the world. And there is definitely a reason why!

Throughout the years, different trends and seasonal collections have irrevocably left their mark on the look, silhouette, and cut of this classic piece of outerwear in beige. We have seen this lovely coat in different renditions from voluminous cuts and brave play with materials to bolder experiments with feathers, lace, large pockets and all sorts of decorations. And yes, after all this, we still call the beige coat a classic, and some might even say that they already find it boring. “How is this possible?”, you are going to ask. Well, easily. Every piece of clothing starts getting boring at some point. Especially when it is outerwear and particularly in the wintertime! Is it time for your style to leave a beige coat behind? Certainly not, and no matter what kind of beige coat you have exactly, we give you our 6 ideas on how to bring it back in the game right away…

Beige + denim

Combining one classic with another is an almost certain recipe for success. We must admit it that we can’t think of anything that doesn’t match well with denim and that’s why we are far from being surprised that its duo with the beige coat works so well. And what works even better is adding another member to this company and make it a trio, for example. Or to put it in other words: denim + sweater + beige coat! This is certainly not their début, we see them often on the city stage, but on the other hand, the performances are always novel and skilfully prepared. Applause, please!

Beige + beige

From one classic, we dive directly into another and this time we choose to pair beige with… beige. Yes, you guessed it right, we want to achieve that favourite monochrome look of ours. How? It’s a piece of cake! Choose a beige suit and elegantly throw your coat in the same colour on your shoulders. Or go for beige trousers with an oversized sweater, and if you want to introduce more femininity, then you can easily substitute the trousers for a skirt. A soleil, for example. The opportunities are unlimited and the rules are child’s play: just stick to the neutral beige palette. We are sure that you won’t find it difficult because for one thing, this colour symbolises luxury and signifies refined fashion taste, and for another, it reminds us very much of gold, which, on the other hand, matches almost everything!

Beige + white

If the monochrome look is not your cup of tea, then you will probably like the following idea. Again, it is simple, uncomplicated but also very different. Match the beige coat with something white underneath. Even though matching beige and white is not the most classic colour combination, we have to admit that they are definitely a successful pairing that deserves to become a favourite during the cold months. It’s just that the two colours correspond really well with each other and they can magically transform your whole look. You can easily put on a warm white sweater, count on a white suit, or simply go for snow-white boots. There is no room for mistakes here, wearing beige and white is as easy as making a double cinnamon latte!

Beige + something bright

The first three suggestions sound too simple and neutral to you and you feel like wearing something bolder? No worries, pick whichever you like bright colour and we guarantee you that the beige coat won’t refuse to go for a walk together with it. Really though, everything red, green, yellow or purple that you can think of, would match perfectly with this classic piece of outerwear. As an added bonus, you will get a stylish, but also very brave look that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd without the need to cheat on your personal style!

Beige + accessories

No matter what you wear under it, you could easily introduce a little variety to the coat itself by adding some accessories. No, they are not just a whim, but yet another way of self-expression. In our case, the choice is not difficult because the beige coat is quite humble on its own and even if you pour a rainbow of colours over it, it will still find a way to remain stylish and… unique. Choose a contrasting scarf, add a brooch or go for a more exciting pair of gloves… You have complete freedom to make winter more personal and inspirational. Use it!

Beige + everything else

You think that we have missed something? We are almost certain this is so, too. It’s just that the beige coat is friendly that it could be worn with everything and by everyone. Trust us! Stripes, polka dots, lace, colours, highlights and more, and more… Share your favourite beige coat combinations with us! Additional inspiration is always welcome!

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Pinterest

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