The summer mood cannot but bring about fresh thoughts of love, adventure, infatuation and heaps of beauty. It is namely the beach and the night that is the place and time for the most thrilling stories to happen, the ones that we are going to remember during the cold winter nights. The truth, however, is that we cannot but mention the summer days, the salty skin and hair, the golden suntan and all those beautiful men and women that we encounter along the beach. Today, we are about to enjoy some male beauty and rather, one specific breed of men that are particularly exotic. Fortunately, we can find them on our beaches, too, especially if we travel further down south. Where there is wind, there are waves, and where there are waves, there are surfers. Rule number one!

We turn our eyes to those finely chiselled and athletic bodies, covered in tattoos. Surfers have mastered the art of the wind, but they have also mastered one other much more important art. The art of ladies’ hearts. No matter how deeply we sigh, it seems like the only thing that interests these men, captivated by the sea, is the direction and the speed of the wind. But after all, we still hope that there is some chance left for us, especially on a rainy day. Men who surf impress us not only with their sex appeal, but also with a particular type of nonchalance that we find exceptionally intriguing. And, in a combination with a surfboard, they are more than irresistible.

Yes, perhaps we will rarely see a surfer wearing something different from board shorts, but why do we need to force him to wear a suit, for example? Isn’t it exactly the salty skin, the suntan and the might that they dance in the sea with which attracts us? There was no way for us but to pay special attention to them, particularly in August, when, as we have heard, the wind is just perfect. And even when we are not in Australia and nor are we leafing through the local magazine, we are truly convinced that even at our latitudes, there are enough quality surfers, be it professionals, amateurs, or admirers. And does it make a difference, anyway? The important things are the passion, the love for adrenalin and for the elements, and that unquestionable masculinity that they demonstrate throwing themselves against the waves, as if there is nothing to stop them.

We have gathered a careful selection of the most attractive surfers that our eyes came across. It is also important for us to point out that we have absolutely no idea about the technical aspect of this otherwise quite gripping sport. As of now, we have decided to just be the girls on the beach who secretly zoom in their phone cameras in order to get a close-up of the faces of those mythical creatures. And afterwards, we give ourselves in to a pleasantly languid conversation, which, who knows, might as well get us closer not only to the surf boys, but also to the waves. Until that moment comes, we are enjoying going through our favourites.

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Pinterest

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