There is something very hot about a woman who is wearing men’s clothes, a men’s accessory, a men’s watch or a tie. There is something very hot about women who are wearing a tuxedo better in comparison to many men. From Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s, to the articles about Greta Garbo, shockingly titled “Garbo Wears Trousers”, it is about that time that the history of the women’s tuxedo begins. During these years women started “borrowing” items from their men’s wardrobes and, a tailor from New York created a women’s evening coat, resembling a men’s dinner jacket. It took another 30 years, though, when in 1966 a designer, born in Algeria and named Yves Saint Laurent “invented” the famous “Le Smoking”. The iconic suits by Saint Laurent were made of wool and velvet and were characterized by the fact that they interpreted men’s clothing for formal occasions. Put on the female body, the tuxedo triggered a revolutionary wave, whose vibrations have been carried in the fashion world up to the present day.

The famous women’s tuxedo by Saint Laurent was a one-of-a-kind piece of ladies’ clothing. At the very beginning, this frankly androgynous design provoked a lot of contradiction but soon proved to be a silhouette with a perfect minimalist final touch, which started serving a lot of designers as a starting point and inspiration. It has been so up to now. In the archive with stylish sexy women, dressed in a tuxedo, you can see Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, etc.

“For a woman, the tuxedo is a necessary outfit, which she will always be elegant with, because here it is a matter of style, not fashion. Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal”, says Yves Saint Laurent. Although the women’s tuxedo is presented in front of the general public in 1966 during the fall-winter show of the designer, it wins its proper glory when the famous photographer Helmut Newton takes a few shots in the gloomy streets of Paris with a model, clad in one. The photographs are made in 1975 for the French edition of Vogue.

This elegant simplicity remains forever current. The last haute couture show by Yves Saint Laurent in 2002 remains in history with that moment when he appears, led by all models dressed in tuxedos – a shot which everyone interested in fashion will recognize. The great Pierre Bergé says: “It is a well-known fact that Coco Chanel gave women freedom, years later Saint Laurent gave them power”.

Women who wear tuxedos today know well that the silhouette and the cut of this garment have infinitely many variations, but the most popular is the black one. Each woman has to, at least once in her lifetime, wear a tuxedo to a hall full of other women, wearing dresses and skirts. Only then could she realize the absolute power of this outfit. You are asking why? Tom Ford, who years ago revived the male silhouette in women’s wear in his debut collection for Gucci, claims that “perfection here lies in the contrast between the curves and forms of the female body and the straight and rigorous lines of the male suit, and this is one of the best combinations which can lead sex appeal to the first place.”

The tuxedo is a classic outfit, which you can wear with high-heeled shoes – it is almost a must. It is interesting, though, how celebrities and bloggers managed to put on white sneakers or shoes with a black tuxedo without depriving any of the two of their value. You can choose between slim and wide leg trousers, between slim and wide jackets, you may add a delicate neckpiece or one of the men’s accessories like a neck or a bow tie. We believe that you are going to trust this outfit and the power and self-confidence, which come with it but, though, are not sold together with it. You yourself own them, the only thing needed is the expression of these absolute women’s qualities, right?!


Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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