There are so many fashion mistakes that we as women make in our everyday lives that we do not realise how this has an impact on our psychology and the way we see our bodies. We are obsessed with looking perfect. We cannot realise that our fashion convictions might turn out to be quite self-destructive and do your total appearance an ill service. Regardless of the fact whether we are trying to run away from a particular colour scheme or a certain size, we forget that at the end of the day our choices affect the way we feel and how we judge the others. This is why we have decided to give you several hints about what kinds of fashion crimes you might be doing constantly without realising it.

And we suggest that you take some measures if you find yourself in one of the following situations.

You pay more attention to the size rather than to how clothes actually look on you

You can never estimate in numbers which size you actually are. Instead of this, direct your attention to how the item you are trying on and your body get on in effect. It is much easier to decide whether you feel good in a piece of clothing if you focus on how it looks on you, rather than the label. What is more, the clothes in different stores never really match in terms of size.

You don’t go shopping for yourself but for social media

We have already told you about the phenomenon of fast fashion and how it affects us and the environment. Let’s suppose that you are not big fans of fast fashion. Let’s say that you don’t belong to that type of people who insist on buying cargo trousers just to take a picture for social media. So far, so good, but you are one of those people who use social media. Well, we’ve got you. Even when you don’t think that you are a slave to trends, there will still be a favourite blogger or an influencer, a sponsored advertisement or a girlfriend with that new blazer or those trousers in a matchy-matchy style and you will end up wondering where to get that same thing. Here, we have answered all your doubts.

You never think of wearing anything from the men’s wardrobe

Frankly speaking, men’s fashion is not just for men and we all know this. You may not be wearing men’s suits from fashion giants and this is quite understandable. But when it comes to funny things like sweaters, sweatshirts, leather jackets, shirts, T-shirts and maybe even shoes, men’s clothes work miracles. And they are so appropriate for the oversized style. They might not be so fashionable themselves, but they could be definitely combined in an ultra-fashionable way.

You avoid mixing prints

Seriously, we are living in the 21st century when everybody is experimenting with fashion and they look stunningly bizarre. There will hardly be anyone to notice that you have matched a shirt and a pair of trousers with different patterns. Just try not to look as if you have just come out of Gucci’s fitting room, where you have been quite indecisive about how to combine your outfit and therefore you’ve put on everything at once.

You never take your clothes to a tailor to adjust them

No, we are not only talking about the cases when you tear your jacket. Chances are that your body type almost certainly does not reflect the mannequin that was used to design a particular garment. You really need to go to the tailor so that they could adjust your clothes in a way that suits your body type. You don’t want to be wearing coats with sleeves that are too long or large dresses that simply look baggy. And what is more, you don’t want, and we don’t want you, either, to try to adjust your body to your clothes. It should be the other way around.

You are always buying a substitute to a product which is more expensive or of higher quality

This is tension on your wallet in the long term. Stop thinking that if you buy a cheaper item, you will actually save money. It is going to last much less and you will need to replace it quite quickly. On the other hand, if you save up a particular amount of money each month for that D&G shirt, you are going to spend more, but this will be a wise long-term investment. Less is sometimes really more. Count on quality rather than quantity.

You neglect to take care of your clothes

In order to maintain the good condition of your clothes for longer after you buy them, take proper care of them. If you really like those high-waisted trousers in purple that much, put them on a hanger after washing. Use a steam iron if you are not sure whether the regular one would be too hot for the fabric. Make sure you read carefully the care instructions on the back of the label. Just love your clothes.

You are wearing a lot of designer clothes, thinking that you are stylish

Hey, there is nothing wrong with owning one or two Michael Kors handbags, an Off White belt, a VLTN dress or a Gucci tracksuit. Just be cautious about combining everything mentioned so far in one outfit. Or simply be courageous in case you are fans of the ugly fashion movement. But you’d better put some effort into finding out what colour or shape combinations look good on your body type and look for a way to incorporate your expensive possessions into a stylish look, rather than an expensive look.

You are copying somebody else’s style

While inspiration from our peers and influencers is only natural, the most important thing is to find your own style. The same applies to inspiration that comes from the catwalk. Instead of wearing the exact same clothes which that model wore, the most fashion-forward approach is to borrow key elements from trends and include them in your own wardrobe. The general rule here: always be true to your own personal style.

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Photos: Pinterest

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