Bearing in mind that we live in a country with four seasons, it is slightly difficult for us to dress up every single day. You know how it goes: today is an exceptionally hot, 30-degree summer day and tomorrow is a winter in April. So, this is it, girls, get ready to put on a lot of clothes in the morning and then take them off one by one by the afternoon. And afterwards put them back on for the evening! What we are suggesting is that you pick a T-shirt, a white one or with a print, depending on how adventurous your spirit for fashion is. Afterwards, pull out your favourite pair of jeans and a cardigan according to what the temperatures outside are. As a finishing touch, you might opt for your light coat or your leather jacket and you are ready to go. Have you guessed yet? Today, we are talking about how to deal with the weather when it is not in the mood.

Do not be afraid to experiment with colours – spring is the right time for us to try all possible colour combinations! Invest in several items which you would feel comfortable wearing now, but which would also be easily adaptable to outfits for colder weather. Here are several tips about what to look out for.

The long-sleeve dress

You think that this light material is for hot weather only? Think again! Over the next few months, you would be able to wear this dress with sandals and random trinkets for an airy, chic summer. When autumn comes, put on your tights, a pair of boots and a blazer. And after winter has marched in, choose a pair of boots over the knee and a fluffy sweater to add a lot of extra warmth to the dress in question. (Just remember to opt for a darker or more neutral shade, so that it would be appropriate for the season.) Well, it’s quite cool for just one dress, isn’t it? You would be quite comfortable wearing it all four seasons! Including the fifth one, when it isn’t warm enough for you to go out without your leather jacket or it is cold enough so that you can’t wear your dress only. This fifth season is also known as the month of March.

The leather waistcoat

Regardless of the season, the leather waistcoat is a wonderful way for you to make your usual uniform a bit more upbeat for a random Friday night or a casual happy hour after work. For the end of the winter, put on a waistcoat over a girly dress and a pair of sandals. For the autumn, wear it with your favourite pair of trousers. When the winter settles back in, combine it with cosy sweater, a pair of white jeans (Yes, that’s right, they are not for the spring and summer only!) and a pair of boots. The waistcoat could be made of leather or suede, or fur – the more options, the better.

The pleated skirt

The fashion alternative to the pencil skirt, the pleated skirt could be paired with a crop top and high heels for the warmer months. When the weather gets chilly, wear it with a silk shirt and an upbeat blazer for an extra mood boost. And when it gets downright cold, put on your warm tights and a fluffy sweater to make those pleats really stand out.

The sleeveless dress

Perfectly suitable for work, the sleeveless dress doesn’t take much of an effort in the summer – just wear it with pointed slippers (in order to make it look a bit more fashionable) and you would be ready to take over the world. In the autumn, you could combine the dress with a shirt so that it would look like a tunic, and you may also add a belt to highlight your waistline. After temperatures drop seriously, as in the evening, for example, you could put on a turtle neck under the dress and add a blazer for more layers of warmth. You may also but on a sweater over the dress and make it look like a skirt. The combinations are endless and we also keep in mind the fact that having a lot of layers of clothes on ourselves is quite convenient as we can always take off whatever we need to.

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Photos: Pinterest

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