After the holidays is the time when we often rethink our wardrobes and it is good to count on something which has slowly become a true classic. The shirt, which we have written about before, too. It is not subject to any trends, fashion or the transition from one season to another. A good investment, which could become the very highlight of every outfit, no matter whether it is connected to business or daily life. The shirt is a favourite of many celebrities’, but amongst all the stars Victoria Beckham stands out the most, as she seems to be truly in love with it.

And she wears a shirt in a particularly inspirational way. The interpretations are endless and Victoria knows well how to work with the staple wardrobe, with the good foundation and the intransient classics. In time Mrs Beckham has become a fashion icon and her style is inimitable – classy and very sexy at the same time. There is definitely a lot that we could learn from her. She is uncompromising in her choices and she insists on pure forms, nice sunglasses and quality materials. In times when everything changes with the speed of light, it is nice to have some foundation points. A garment that we have invested more money in, but one that we would leave to our daughters, for example. Because just as in the cinema or in literature, there are eternal creations in fashion, too. We decided to use our time this Saturday to take a few steps through Victoria’s wardrobe and point out several successful ways in which she combines a shirt. And all of them are so easy to achieve!

A shirt and a pleated skirt

Part of the DNA of Victoria Beckham’s style is the absence of excessive shine and details. She loves pure silhouettes and wears a simple shirt with a pleated skirt. She finishes the outfit with appropriately high heels and creates an outfit that would look adequate in any situation.

A see-through shirt with a suit

 Beckham loves contrasts. She could often be seen with men’s trousers, striped and rather wide-legged. In order to make the outfit more feminine, she counts on a see-through shirt, a black one or in an appropriate colour. And as we know, the combination between a sexy highlight and something borrowed from the men’s wardrobe is more than irresistible!

With different patterns

Whether the shirt has a flower pattern or it’s plain, Beckham pairs classic elements with patterned details in the best possible way. She adds a light summery touch to street style and that lightness we all crave.

Text: Thea Denolyubova

Photos: Vogue, Instyle

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