The occasions to attend formal events will not end once the Christmas holidays are over. And neither will our eagerness to dress well. The invitation for a cocktail party is something you will probably have to accept. And in this case there are some things that are good to remember in terms of styling. Apparently, our natural beauty is the most important thing as is also the mood for having a good time. The rest of the trick, however, we focus on the outfit.

We all know the difference between a formal dinner party, the Vienna Opera Ball, other events and… a cocktail party. The classic evening gown is somehow not appropriate for the last one mentioned. During this party people are usually walking around the hall or the place where the event is held. In general, there are no tables or seats and guests are standing for the most part. Events under this name normally go lightly and cheerfully and this is why here there aren’t many strict rules which you should follow.

But you can choose to wear your favourite dress. Forget about jeans and T-shirts. On the other hand, it is allowed to reinterpret the classic look of a jacket and trousers but much more freely in this case. A dress from a light, sheer material is one of the best options. Its length is a question of choice. According to the nature of the event, after all, you can choose a longer or a maxi size as long as you feel comfortable. The news which is even better is that you could easily wear a mini dress. And forget about the only flawless option called a little black dress. Try experimenting with colour.

The shoes and the bag are important. Sometimes even more important than the dress itself. Choose comfortable shoes – those which you can spend a few hours standing in. You are even allowed to put on low heel or flat ones. Do not forget about your small bag. One of the common mistakes is that a lot of women go to cocktail parties with handbags which can effortlessly fit half of the catering. You attend an event of this type with a small clutch that meets your basic needs.

Add accessories. Each dress might look different if you add the proper accessory. Indeed, here you may allow yourself to wear oversized and glittering neckpieces so as to contrast them with the simple dress. Or, if your outfit is too bright on its own, you may completely omit other extravagant highlights such as jewellery. And last but not least, in order to complement your look in a proper way, bear in mind that your hair has to be dressed beautifully as well, even when it’s not a special style.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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