We sent away 2019 and the decade, we hope in a reasonably decent way, and we greeted 2020 with a promise to be better, braver and more benevolent. Every year, we tell ourselves that with the upcoming one we set a new beginning. We start anew, as they say, but we actually carry our baggage wherever we go and if we want change, we need to start with our outlook on life and with our own selves. Fashion, together with us, evolves. We said “Goodbye!” to the past trends, we set our gaze to the future ones, and somewhere in between there were left the ones that are timeless. In the following lines, we are about to direct our attention to the favourite accessory of most ladies – the bag. We are going to dream big and we are going to look for the huge bags where we can fit all our wishes and beautiful emotions. Voluminous bags have always been handy, but thanks to designers, they have also become more exciting than ever. In 2020, we expect that they will conquer the street and your wardrobe, and once you get to know them, you will fall in love with them. Practical and beautiful, fitting all things necessary and even unnecessary. What else more could we ask for?


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Designers’ favourites

In the past few years, bags seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, but there you have it, change is about to come with the beginning of 2020. The catwalk has started being conquered by big, really big bags. In most cases, we are used to counting on larger items only when travelling, for instance, but it’s time for us to change this. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Stella McCartney, Marni, Max Mara, ProenzaSchouler, Jonathan Simkhai and SiesMarjan included today’s main characters in their collections and predicted their place amongst the trendiest accessories for the spring of 2020. Leather, baskets, feathers, crocodile, prints, floral motifs, you name it – an explosion in materials that is worthy of spring and each and every one of us.

Beyond statistics

And while on the subject of big, we really mean it that their size goes beyond the statistics for what is normal. In Milan, we saw them worn over the shoulder, with short straps and very often with some kind of print or simply with lines that intertwine just like the different styles merge in them. Generally, in the fashion capital these bags were accompanied by an elegant jacket or blazer and a pair of sports shoes, usually chunkier. No need to mislead ourselves, we still have time until spring comes and in January the weather likes to surprise us. You can amaze it, too, by adding the trend to your wardrobe right away and trying out the combination between a big bag and a warm coat. Your comfort is guaranteed, your stylish look as well!

In or out of shape

Naturally, once the sun rays brighten up the horizon, we are quickly going to take the coats off. Matching a big bag simply with a sweater and wide elegant trousers will help you feel the lightness and freedom of spring, especially when your look is in white or beige. Base colours are also not to be disregarded. As far as the shape of the bag is concerned, you have your personal liberty and wide choice. Square, rectangular, circular, trapezoid or out of any geometrical shape – there is something for everyone. With a long strap, so that you can wear it over your shoulder, with short straps or without any, again options upon options and all of them are at your disposal. Big clutches are also on our list of must-have designs for the new season.

And while still on the subject of big bags, you have probably already seen the @thebigbagclub Instagram account, where you can come across amazing shots in which the bags have been additionally enlarged on purpose. Inspirational and funny pictures of popular faces from the fashion scene will give you priceless ideas and the needed dose of courage to wear a truly enormous bag. Who knows, one day you may as well find yourself amongst them.


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Text: ZhanaMiteva

Photos: Instagram, Pinterest

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