2019 was generous in terms of fashion suggestions, surprising trends, returns to favourite classics and welcoming a lot of new and (un)expected extravagance. There was plenty of everything and in all sorts of variations. The last month of every year is by default a time to look back and this is exactly what we are doing on fashion. Together with the unforgettable memories, the rich palette of emotions and the few hundred emotions, we decided to take with ourselves 7 trends that we fell deeply in love with, wore a lot but still couldn’t get enough of them…

Maximum number of points

What do Minnie Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra have in common? Well, it’s probably more than one thing, but the key factor here is definitely polka dots! Or to put it in other words, the pattern that has withstood the test of time and we can deservedly call a classic!

Micro or macro dots, white, black or colourful, large or small-sized… the combinations are endless and almost always breathtakingly good. Our favourite circles come to our rescue at any given moment we need to wear something – from everyday looks, to the office etiquette, to even evening parties. And even afterwards – nobody has banned us from putting them on our pyjamas, have they? Polka dots are always the right choice and we don’t mind wearing them in any situation, any season and any year…

Checked world

Another pattern we simply cannot miss is the check. Those large squares that actively build up our style in the winter were once again on top of all trends for 2019. This didn’t surprise us at all because, after all, they are a classic but now we see them in some new and rather bold combinations. Colourful ones! The lovely tartan had the opportunity to tap into the full spectrum of the palette and to be yellow, green, purple or orange. Whatever it chooses or whatever we choose it to be. We are sure that 2020 won’t mind happiness being checked!

Flowers and inspiration by the kilogram

Too many patterns so far? We thought so, too, but what can we do? The diversity is great. We are going to leave animal prints aside, either way, we expect the new year to offer us a wide range of animalism but now, we are going to pay special attention to the florals. Aren’t we lost without them, having in mind that they are determined to become a classic? Or have they made it already? Regardless of size, colour, intensity, and type, flowers have enveloped the fashion world for the past few years and they have no intention, whatsoever, of leaving. And they don’t need to! The diversity which floral motifs present us with is so rich that we doubt if we would ever get bored with them. Congratulations, 2020, you shall be floral!

Airy tales

The material of 2019 was leather! Or perhaps satin? And why not tulle? We are not sure which one of all these deserves the first prize, but if you asked us, we would give it to organza, because this is the fabric that definitely managed to astound us. Largely, because of those trendy pussy bow blouses with puff sleeves made of the see-through material. We are certain that you remembered and imagined the design immediately, and you maybe even have a similar one! They are more of an accessory than a piece of clothing, but we can’t deny it – we love them. Their delicate material implies French chic and unadulterated femininity and we are rather tempted to bring these sensations with us into the following months. And quite deservedly so!

Always a good decision

It is comfortable and stylish, it matches easily and the more it is the same, the more it is different. And are we talking about the good old dress? Almost, but about… the jumpsuit. His Royal Highness Mister Comfort returned triumphantly in 2019, but because of all the lengths, cuts, colours and patterns that it offered us, it turned out difficult for us to fit it only in one year. For this reason, we naturally take it with us in the next decade. And you, in case you didn’t find room in your wardrobe for at least one jumpsuit last year, then your chance has grown with a whole new 12 months. Make use of it!

The perfect harmony

If we need to choose only one trend that we can keep in 2020, then without a shadow of a doubt, we will choose the sweater—skirt combination. Why? Because it is beautiful, feminine and romantic. And as an added bonus, it presents us with all sorts of combinations for wearing and boundless freedom for the imagination and thanks to this we doubt we or you would ever get bored with it. You may easily combine a knitted winter sweater with a leather pencil skirt, you are allowed to opt for the very popular soleil, count on midi lengths and even make lace and embroidery part of the game. Is this not enough? We are sure that the new year has prepared additional fashion surprises that can complement our favourite 2S combination (sweater—skirt).

Expectedly good combination

So far, so good, but what should we take from the warmer winter clothes? The beige coat is a classic that is intransient, puffer jackets are another fashion trend that leaps successfully from winter to winter, or shall we say from year to year, but what then? Perhaps a cape coat? You don’t have one? Well, we are not surprised at all, having in mind that this type of outer garments was a huge hit in the 1970s and after that, it seems they not only stepped down victoriously from the fashion scene, but they also totally disappeared from women’s wardrobes. Last autumn, however, they returned and managed to combine in them the elegance of a lady’s coat with the freedom that is typical of the cape. And because of the fact that cape coats didn’t get enough appreciation in 2019, they insisted on remaining trendy for the mid-season collections of 2020. We feel it reasonable for us to satisfy their desires!

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Pinterest


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