If we were not realists, we would say that getting dressed for work is a difficult job. Yes, but no. Most of us have a dress code or somewhere between 7 and 10 pieces of clothing that we wear to work most often, trying to look professional. Either way – no, it is not that difficult to get dressed for the office. Did you know what, though? It’s boring. Professional code, make-up, hair style… Can you imagine having a clause in your contract that says you are not allowed to wear white T-shirt at work? White T-shirts! The most comfortable and adaptive piece of clothing ever. Well, if the case is the same with you, or even if it isn’t, we have prepared some ideas for you that will make your office looks hot. We have selected five current trends that will truly make you forget the boredom of professional attire. Let’s get it started!

Colourful suit with short trousers

Jackets and blazers are quite popular in the office, so if you are a fan of suits, this option is not going to be so unfamiliar to you. Instead of long trousers, however, this time shorts come in. And when you add colour to your short-trouser suit, you get the perfect outfit which is appropriate for the office but is also an escape from ordinary outfit zone.

Colourful stripes

You are missing the sea from your last holiday? You need to wear a shirt at work? Do your mood and your style a favour by obtaining a number of colour stripes – yellow, coral, blue and why not even green. It’s a tough choice because there are plenty of options, but the good thing is that all of them will be right on point.

Unusual shirt-dress

One outfit – two looks. Was this how the saying went? When it comes to August, yes! If you have been trying to decide whether to wear a shirt-dress in the office or not, then the last summer month is the most appropriate time to do so. Temperatures are high and that’s why your body needs freedom and freshness. If it is a dress, let it be a shirt at the same time – a chic and professional look that you simply cannot pass by. The most popular colours right now are living coral, watermelon, sunny yellow, mint and pastels in pink and blue. What better than a colourful dress for work in the summer?!

Colourful wide-legged trousers

As long as you don’t understand joggers by this, then all wide-legged trousers are welcome to the office, just make sure they have one of the colours of the rainbow. You choose the colour: pick a shade that you are going to feel good and comfortable in, add a shirt (it could be a white one, the highlight here is the trousers) and think of more intriguing pieces of jewellery as a finishing touch.

Patterned skirt

And so, we have come to the king of summer mood – His Majesty, the Pattern! Colourful, floral or boho prints – yes, please welcome them to your office wardrobe. But why exactly on a skirt? Because a whole dress with a loud pattern would be a little bit over the top for work while colourful shirts would better match a holiday situation. But a skirt with a pattern is right on point. You could combine it with a formal shirt and you are going to look equally professional. The advantage here is that you are not going to look equally boring. You may choose the cut according to your silhouette or mood, and the pattern – the crazier, the better!

August is colourful and adventurous; even if you are not somewhere on holiday, you may still feel the summer vibes of freedom and joy with these office suggestions. We dare you to try!

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Photos: Pinterest

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