Are you ready to sail away? Yes, you read that right – to sail away… on a cruise ship! And no, Elisabetta Franchi, unfortunately, still hasn’t become a part of the designers that show cruise collections at the beginning of the summer. Her new collection, however, managed to take us exactly there – in the first days of the summer, under the blazing sun, ready to head to a new exciting destination. In fact, Elisabetta Franchi’s show was in Milan, but only because of the address on the invitations and the fact that it was part of the fashion week in the Italian city. From then on, the show was transported somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea thanks to an especially built construction representing a part of a yacht and it represented everyone’s dream of having at least 300 days of summer per year.

It is a well-known fact that the designer is an avid fan of sailing and thanks to her hobby she spends a large part of the summer on a boat. And when you are able to see the details, inspiration is everywhere – in the stripes, the anchor and the ropes, in the summer mood and the fresh sea. It could be truly exciting!

Elisabetta Franchi’s spring/summer collection gathers all these summer codes and pays homage to sailors’ uniforms. It looks at them in a different way and lets them find their place in the vast fashion world without necessarily belonging to someone serving in the navy. The collection was aiming to represent the atmosphere of a summer holiday and it did so more than successfully! We saw that the summer could easily fit in skirts of any length, suits of different silhouettes, shirts and jackets with voluminous sleeves as well as high-waist trousers that are comfortable for travelling. We know this from experience, Elisabetta Franchi probably too!

But what kind of summer cruise is it going to be unless we can collect Vitamin D on the deck? Swimming suits were masterfully incorporated into various complete outfits… so Franchi’s style.

 Dresses were not forgotten either – sometimes short, sometimes long and always so summer-y. Some were simply light and airy, others were made of tweed, yet others were particular about being shiny and craving an evening party on the deck. The variety here was not to be underestimated!

We are quite convinced that Elisabetta Franchi knows that the key to perfection lies in the details and she had paid special attention exactly to them. The outfits were complemented by tiny anchors and ropes imitating a ship’s, with sailing knots on them. Together with all this marine idyll, there were a lot of sequins (which we imagined shining and reflecting the sunlight), feathers (because feathers are always a good idea) and fringes (to create movement thanks to the sea breeze). And everything was in its proper place, showing an innovative approach and adding a lot of freshness.

Fresh, just like a waft of breeze in the morning, was also the colour palette enveloping the collection. The base colour was white and its company for the careless summer days was kept by lighter pastel shades such as mint and pink, classic beige and bright emerald green. The most sea-inspired, slightly trivial, but still favourite combination of red and navy blue was also present. Classics remain a wonderful thing!

As for the accessories, they were, too, fresh and careless, inspired by the sea and the summer. And this is exactly how we imagined them!

We were particularly impressed by the broad-brimmed hats, the large raffia bags, which proved this summer that they feel quite at home in the city, not just on the beach, as well as the backpacks, which are not so typical for the summer, but then again, they are so practical and convenient. And for dessert, jewellery with marine pendants – the same ones that we are always tempted to buy as souvenirs from the places that we visit on our holidays.

As far as the shoes are concerned, contrasting with the high heels, there were the flat and light sandals, because the season says yes, and because the designer is a woman who certainly knows well how important both types of shoes are in the summer. According to the situation.

Elisabetta Franchi’s new collection is a celebration! A celebration dedicated to the free spirit of the cosmopolitan woman who, regardless of her age, is a traveller at heart dreaming about new horizons.  We can’t wait for the upcoming colder months to be gone in a blink of an eye so that we could sooner become passengers on the ship where Elisabetta Franchi is the captain.

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Theodora Koeva for Fashion Inside

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