They are a specific style – the so-called boyfriend jeans – and look larger than necessary. Somehow they don’t fit properly but are at the same time a wonderful complement to a lady’s wardrobe. They are yet another piece we eagerly borrow from the boys without the intention of returning.

They usually look a little baggy and their legs are often cuffed up to the ankles. They are sometimes torn, which amplifies the feeling that we wouldn’t wear them anywhere else apart from a quick walk to the store. But this is only at first glance because the second one gives us a few more styling ideas.

We love playing with contrasts and this is why the combination between a casual and an elegant style seems perfectly appropriate to us. This is also the reason why the match with high-heeled shoes is the first one we offer. Open or closed – the choice is yours. You could add a blazer in order to enhance the formal look.

Oversized clothes could also match your boyfriend jeans. Here also, high heels are an excellent complement and the whole outfit elegantly combines the different styles in beautiful harmony.

Even though they are not the most conventional design, boyfriend jeans, after all, offer much scope for expression in fashion experiments. Worn out denim looks with a simple top just as well as with a long cardigan, which is suitable for the unwelcoming autumn days. But we are going to think about it later as we are still enjoying the warm summer days.

And despite the fact, and we admit, that it we do have a weakness for high heels, we cannot deny that flat shoes also love these jeans, to which we devote our article today. Karl Lagerfeld brought back trainers to fashion and we, on our behalf, add them to denim – nothing surprising because this combination has been trendy for quite a long time now. But in this case it looks a bit more attractive than usual, doesn’t it?

We might make a reference to the so-called festival style with some flat boots and boyfriend jeans. It appears that the outfit is appropriate for concerts and outdoor events because it is comfortable but doesn’t go unnoticed. When we come to think of it, it seems that we don’t need anything else.

Text: Stanislava Dobreva

Photos: Press

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