If you are trying to find an interesting way to elaborate your appearance winter-wise, in large proportions and in a different way, then it is time for you to take a look at some boots over the knee. For yet another time! Wearing them, however, requires a certain amount of caution, appropriate clothes and good combinations between them.

How to choose your over-the-knee boots? The first thing you need to bear in mind is comfort. Let it be the starting point. A size which doesn’t fit or a style which doesn’t match could ruin not only your look, but also your mood. Always try on both boots at the same time. Take a short walk around the store. Take into consideration whether their height does not restrict your mobility too much. As for the height of the heel, this apparently remains a matter of personal choice. But keep in mind that there are flat boots over the knee that we would hazard a whole monthly salary on.

How to wear these boots with dresses? It is of vital importance how you combine the styles here. The interpretation on your clothes would be totally different if you were to change the shoes you wear them with. Here, it is crucial to play the game of juxtaposition. If your boots are tightly fitting to your legs, then the dress has to be flaring from the waist downwards. The same applies to the skirts. The length of the skirt or the dress also matters. Avoid mini tightly fitting styles. Mid and knee-lengths are your optimal choices.

These boots with trousers? The answer is positive. For this purpose you need skinny trousers and a bit wider boots in order to match them without any concern. If you substitute the trousers with leggings, then always top with a tunic or a knitted skirt, for example.

The outerwear? Coats and jackets look equally good. The most suitable, however, are longer styles. You could add a scarf or a hat but always avoid too much nudity and being intentionally provocative because you know that if you don’t do things carefully, then the associations with your beautiful boots might be quite different from the effect you are looking for.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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