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Through our years of experience with fashion, media and social networks, we at Fashion Inside, have found an interesting mathematical formula, which states: A person who owns an Instagram profile and is part of the worldwide fashion fan community is equal to a person who follows at least five famous fashion bloggers and knows they love to make their own clothes. That is why we are sure that the bloggers’ phenomenon of influencers becoming designers is familiar to you. And so today we decided to share our favorite fashion bloggers and their new fashion lines. Enjoy!

Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor

If you are a fan of fashion and have a social networking profile called Instagram, the chance of you following Chriselle Lim is pretty big. Chriselle Lim has a very recognizable style. Since the founding of her blog, The Chriselle Factor, she stands out with her minimalist, sophisticated style and continues to refine her distinct aesthetic from the start of her career as a blogger in December 2011. For us and for the joy of all of her one million fans at Instagram, Lim has created her fashion line with the support of the brand J.O.A. Later on Nordstrom, the fashion luxury chain invited the blogger to create her own line of clothes that the company would sell in their stores.

Like so many influential people did (so-called “Influencers”) before her, the idea starts only by collaborating with another brand to create a capsule collection. The first line of The Chriselle Factor came out in the spring of 2018, but its creator did not stop there. Every season Lim advances her line with new collections that are sold in Nordstrom and Shopbop. Like any other designer, she also obeys the trends and every new addition to her label is tailored to cut, colors, and prints. And the style remains so characteristic of Chriselle – it seems easy, bohemian, sometimes more tough but always minimalist and elegant.

Camila Coelho Collection by Camila Coelho

Another blogger we believe almost all of you know about is Camila Coelho. But we do not know for sure if you all know that she already has her own fashion line which was released on June 19th. Surprise? Hardly so, with the pace of development of the influencers sphere, we are not surprised that many of them start their own business.

The Camila Coelho Collection debuted with 70 garments ranging from $88 to $398. The line is inspired by the Brazilian roots of Coelho and includes statement sleeves, floral prints, tropical prints and, attention, linen. Future additions to the line will consist of about 40 pieces per each collection and will be released on a monthly basis. This is a very high bar, Camila! With these monthly new additions to the brand, Camila’s fashion line is closer to fast fashion brands such as Zara and Mango. If Coelho still prefers not to create seasonally but wants to allow people to buy fashion they wear in present moment, we can say that the blogger will not be left without work. However, we are wondering if Camila will dry the well of inspiration too soon, leaving collections indistinguishable from anything else on the market? We are about to understand.

Aimee Song for Revolve

If you follow Aimee Song, you have probably heard the news! One of the leading fashion influencers behind the mega-popular Song of Style blog, has just released her first fashion line with Revolve. Aimee, who has 5 million followers on Instagram, has been hinting for a few months in the past that she would be releasing a collection eventually. And so it has been up for sale since last month.

Inspired to a great extent by Samantha Jones from Sex and the City series, the collection of 50 distinctive pieces includes playful dresses, skirts, costumes and more vivid shades and fruit designs. Collection sizes range from XXS to XXL and everything is under $300. When it comes to designing the collection, Song wants to ensure that she has created an apparel which makes women feel strong and special. “Whether (women) head to the office or a summer meeting, these clothes not only call for respect, they also come with playful carelessness to reflect the season and the girl of The Song of Style,” says blogger Song.

We leave you to choose your favorite fashion line and if you have not bought at least one piece yet, then it is time you did it for the summer is officially here!


Text: Mila Stoyanova

Images: WWD,, WWD, Pinterest, Instagram (@camilacoelho)

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