Here is how the day of a fashion editor goes: waking up early, yoga, breakfast and coffee with an open laptop and way too many ideas to look at. Actually no, let’s rewind. The day goes like this: tasks, tasks and more tasks after a quick breakfast, yoga and a shower. In order to meet the job requirements of the position we are talking about, we always need a lot of inspiration. And where do we find it? In the wardrobe! After yet another thorough investigation, we desperately decide to ask a friend for some advice. And this friend remembers to congratulate us on that great silk shirt, which, even though a size larger, matches perfectly our personal style. And this is when the bell rings.

Shirts, shirts, shirt – we have been obsessed about them lately. Not merely because the autumn is coming and holiday season is over, which means that most of us are coming back to the office. And let’s admit it – at large, we wear shirts everywhere, even on the beach, like true French fashionistas. That’s why today, we are going to talk about the five shirts that, in our opinion, every lady should own. Neither a small nor a large number. Five is the perfect number.

It seems like we are generally talking about colours, materials and styles. We are not putting anything in frames, we are simply giving you guidelines what would be useful in your wardrobe. And naturally, we start with nothing more classic than a simple, unstructured white or black shirt. Our rescuer in many, and I mean many, situations, this is the one piece which is always in current trends. A shirt in white or black will be your best friend forever and ever. Ask Carrie Bradshaw, she will agree with us.

We continue with some retro style without any colour restrictions – silk shirts. You must at least have one – it matches everything else: skirts, trousers, jump suits. And if your shirt is really vintage, well, you will be the only person to know this, because it probably won’t look obvious and you yourself are going to love it even more!

The next compulsory element in the wardrobe from this family is the bow blouse. Yes, we know that this is not the typical design with buttons, but a little bit of variety is always welcome to the party. And if you remember well, you will know that this style is very popular for the summer, which, even though dying out, will leave something to the autumn. And why not this very design?

Last, but equally important, we present you the linen shirt. It is more of a seasonal piece of clothing, but September will hardly be freezing cold, so you will be able to wear it for a longer period of time. Linen is exclusively appropriate for the summer because of its absorbing properties and its ability to dry quickly and thus keeping your skin feel cool. You probably already have a linen shirt. Were we late with this praise?

Even if we were late, we keep telling ourselves that we’ll have the summer again, and with it comes our chance to wear our best clothes. In this case, shirts. And did you know what the occasion is? Each new day! This is enough of a reason to wake up thankful and to dress like every day is unique.

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Photos: Pinterest

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