Some sort of a shoulder bag or simply something that men need to throw away immediately from their wardrobe… if they have the courage to ask us, women. At our latitudes, the small men’s shoulder bag has a particular meaning, it symbolises the fact that the wearer belongs to a particular social class, to a different type of occupation, to another time, which we thought had long gone by. Alas, it is still here together with white socks, the phone case hanging from the belt and more, and more… And because we love men, we want them to look good. When they look appropriate, they feel better, behave better and make us feel taken care of. We are speaking affectionately and by no means do we want to judge, but simply to direct them.

There are things that need to remain in the past and clear the way to new horizons. We are quite aware of the fact that many men really need some space where they could keep their documents, keys and personal belongings. That’s why we have selected some inspiration from the streets of European capitals. And yes, these examples can absolutely be transferred here as well! We are happy to witness the appearance of more and more well-dressed men, of more beautiful couples, of people who pay attention to the detail. Because the attention to beautiful things shows an attitude to many other aspects of our daily life – how we treat people, what our attitude towards food is, towards art, towards conversations, whether we listen to each other and whether we say ‘Thank you’.

And if the statement that the attention always goes more to the way a woman is dressed, even in the street – what coat she is wearing, what shoes she has on, whether her bag is nice, we would like to say that the female gaze towards men’s clothing is every bit as critical. With the only difference that we are much more easily enchanted by everything else – hands, voice, manners. All of which never ever go together hand in hand with the small men’s shoulder bag. Even less so with our own hand.

The choice is quite wide and it starts from amazing backpacks to laptop bags, satchels and leather travel bags that we would love to steal away. At least for the weekend.

Text: Fashion Inside
Photos: Pinterest, Collagevintage

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