Olympia, daughter of the Greek Prince Pavlos and his wife Marie-Chantal, is the worthy successor of her elegant parents. She is also far away from the idea of a princess that lives according to an impossible etiquette and old-fashioned standards. Just think of what is awaiting Meghan after her wedding to Harry. She is not going to have the right to have personal profiles on social media, she won’t be allowed to wear colourful or dark nail polish, to go for a walk, vote or kiss her husband in public places. And the list of restrictions and prohibitions is growing.

Fortunately, Olympia’s every-day life is much, much more different. She is enjoying more than 140 000 followers on Instagram and a modelling career that she develops around the world. She is a favourite of Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s and lately, she has often been spotted on their catwalk or in front of the camera, wearing some of their more extravagant creations. Our princess is not afraid at all of this glamour and the materials that don’t leave much to the imagination. Young and wild, she loves provoking people with bold outfits. A tulle ballerina dress bearing the label of Dior, a tight ponytail, red lipstick and rough leather boots Dr. Martens’ style fit her like a velvet glove. A present-day Gatsby rendition – neat plaits, a dress drenched in sequins, impossibly high heels and naughty hippie sunglasses with green glasses – this is Olympia and you can hardly mistake her for some other princess.

She grows up in London, but continues her education in New York as would be expected from a cosmopolitan royalty. She was born on 25th July, 1996. The entire fashion world still remembers the hype surrounding her 21st birthday, which was held with a dress code “Revolutionise Black Tie”. That would mean the craziest hats and head pieces that you could ever imagine, accompanied by lavish dresses and ever more sumptuous diamond and pearl jewellery. Olympia herself remained faithful to her style and that day she wears an unconventional crown, a lot of tulle, beads and crystals by Steven Khalil, combined with funky platform sneakers by Gucci. As crazy as it gets! Nicky and Paris Hilton also honoured the splendid celebration in appropriate outfits. While the guests were describing the event as ‘epic’.

Olympia is epic by herself and in her own right. We are going to continue following her eagerly!

Text: Siyana Zaimova

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/olympiagreece/

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