Leandra Medine is a blogger, author and creator of the website Man Repeller, a woman with inimitable taste, a fiery and very eloquent language, and for a few days now, she has been the mother of twins. The thing that makes Leandra different from all the other perfectly looking bloggers who seem to be following the same pattern is her sense of humour. She manages to present even the weirdest fashion trends in her very own elegant and funny way. Leandra Medine is one of the very few people in fashion who do not take it so seriously and at the same time she manages to be involved in the industry and everything that happens in the fashion world. The girl from New York manages to partner with a number of brands such as Michael Kors, Maje and Gryphon among many others. Her website has millions of visits every month while the number of those who fall in love with the concept of trends that women adore and men detest keeps growing. And as Leandra says herself, her readers grow together with her. Just like it is with Miley Cyrus and the huge number of fans. We like Leandra because she is sincere, she knows about social media, writes well and has killer outfits. When she starts her blog in 2010, the market is much smaller and social media is yet to gather pace. According to Leandra, it is the honesty and quality of what is written that can make other people listen to your voice. Because people are frustrated by the amounts of blogs, websites and information that overwhelm them, but they do not stop searching for good quality writing. Man Repeller makes an absolute revolution with its tone and the way it communicates its messages. Before that, everybody seems to be taking fashion as a battlefield where entertainment and sense of humour have no place. And Leandra wants to change exactly this point of view. And she manages to. With perfection!

29-year-old Leandra Medine is not going to stop surprising us and she is preparing more new projects in the very near future. She advises all young women to follow their intuition, their own senses and to risk more. She shares that she starts Man Repeller more like a project to help her search for a job while still being a student. Up until her graduation, however, it turns out that she doesn’t need to look for one because she makes enough money. And now she is completely devoted to her latest and most magnificent experience. That of being the mother of twin girls. We dedicate this Sunday to Leandra’s style and we score 7 spring inspirations.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Pinterest, Collagevintage, Bloglovin

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