She bears the beautiful name of Blanca Miró. She was born in Barcelona and she possesses the free, artistic spirit of the city. She is known as a social media specialist, fashion consultant and stylist. And most importantly – as being the muse for hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, who adore her charisma. She is not very keen on advertising her style. Instead, she wakes up every day to think of a new one. At times she is a princess, and at others, she throws on her leather biker jacket and slips into her classic Converses. She defines her image as a game of spontaneity. She is the queen of unexpected combinations. She is often tempted to mix up seemingly incompatible elements, which actually turn out to work magic on her. She has fun by adding a twist to classic looks and pairing them with surprising accessories and highlights. She gives us friendly advice not to follow blindly all the latest things in fashion, but to play with trends and make things our own by always showing our personal signature.

Jeans and trainers will never go out of fashion in her wardrobe. And there is always room in it for another pair. She admits having a true obsession with bags and sunglasses and she collects them avidly. By and large, when it comes to accessories – they are her trademark, and Blanca is perfectly clear about them – the more natural they are, the better. High heels rarely tempt her, she prefers flat comfortable styles but with cooler designs, of course. And she herself reveals, “I just think flats are more stylish. And of course, they have the added benefit of being more comfortable. Because of the nature of my work I’m often driving from client to client and heels just wouldn’t work in the car. I wear loads of sneakers and flat sandals in the summer, like the Nixon knotted style—and my tip for making them work is to wear them with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. You just have to get used to the difference it makes in your proportions and forget about your height. I’m not tall, but I’m really comfortable with the way I look in flats because I wear them so often.”

She is a fan of the fashion reincarnations of Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. An excellent trio, we might add. If they challenged her to wear one single fashion brand, she would immediately choose Gucci because she is an avid fan of Alessandro Michele’s work. Bianca would trade her wardrobe only for that of Julia Sarr-Jamois, a fashion editor at the contemporary fashion bible i-D, and an extraordinary woman.

She gets truly excited when she comes across a real vintage treasure. And without a moment’s hesitation she goes for the look of a vintage Hermès Kelly bag in an unusual chocolate colour. She finds it in a small boutique in Paris. It is a love at first sight and she refuses to leave without this rare example. She believes that accessories are the true essence of every outfit and she has always paid special attention to them. And we pay so much attention to her, because the is helluva inspirational.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Blanca Miró Instagram

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