They always look perfect, they wear the most beautiful clothes current for the season and designer bags look great on them – yes, we are talking about fashion inspirers, those who set trends! These immaculately stylish icons have a few little secrets about the perfect look, which we are going to reveal for you. The things they do secretly in order to always look trendy and inspirational.

1. Shoe care comes first!

No matter whether we are talking about elegant evening Valentino sandals or basic Zara boots, fashion inspirers pay particular attention to their shoes, regardless of the price. New heels and top pieces, comfortable outsoles, protective and cleaning sprays – the perfect shoe care is one of the most important things about good outer appearance.

2. Inspiration and more inspiration

Fashion bloggers are always alert to new ideas and are frequently inspired by the style of their colleagues. It is essential, however, not to copy them or steal their styling tricks, but rather improvise according to personal taste and style!

3. Expensive or affordable?

Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton both like not only authentic designer dresses, but they also shop with fashion brands like Zara and Topshop, just like us – ordinary people. Their little secret, though, is that they only choose the best clothes from these brands and combine them with expensive accessories. In doing so, their outfit looks expensive in spite of its low price.

4. Everything lies in proper combinations

Stylish ladies rarely plan in advance their whole outfit. They know the possibilities for clothes combinations which hide in their wardrobes. In order to find out which clothes match particularly well, spend an afternoon and try experimenting with your favourite ones. In case nothing matches the way you like it, then it’s time for shopping! ;)

5. “Yes” to personality!

Emblematic style is a key word for every stylish woman, because her personal style is her business card. She doesn’t need specific key clothes so that she would wear them often. She is not afraid of repetition. In order to save herself from boredom, she combines her most favourite clothes in new and inventive ways (see point 4).

6. The tailor can always help

The dress is a few centimetres longer than necessary? A fashion icon would never make the mistake of wearing it, because she knows – each garment needs to fit perfectly even when it is ready-to-wear. Here is why the good tailor is as important as shopping for clothes itself is – because they can do whatever is necessary so that the dress, jeans or anything else fit perfectly. The perfect cut will always make your outfit look impeccable.

7. Dress for yourself. Not for the others.
It is crucial for every fashion inspirer: be beautiful for yourself, not for the others. What the others think is of no importance. What has the most convincing effect is what makes you feel good in your own skin. This is the best little secret we can borrow from fashion icons. It is so, because people who feel good in their own skin radiate beauty and captivate everyone in their surroundings.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press

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