We have a favourite trinity of contemporary and young French brands that deserve our love and affection. Because they create clothes with a soul, history and specifically beautiful aesthetics. Make their acquaintance:


We owe this contemporary French idyll to Evelyne Chétrite. A splendid lady who grew up in Rabat, Morocco, amid the incredible mosaic of the colours of the city and the studio of her grandfather, who used to make astonishing shirts by hand. Her love for fashion and creating has its roots precisely there. But it remains forever in her life. As a teenager, she moves to Paris and gets immersed in its deep atmosphere and its style. Contrary to what could be expected, she starts studying law, but her passion leads her along the way. In her free time, she works for vintage shops and becomes popular with her selections of rare finds. Next comes her encounter with Didier Chétrite who encourages her to follow her heart and dedicate herself to styling. Later, in 1984, they co-found Sandro and establish their first boutique at the heart of Le Marais. Success follows instantly and hasn’t let them down to this very day.


What a coincidence – the founder of Maje, Judith Milgrom, was also born and grew up in Morocco, but in her youth, she arrives in Paris in order to stay and create a bohemian empire with over 150 stores scattered all over the world. Judith’s love for white shirts dates back to her colourful Moroccan childhood. Somewhere between sewing dresses for dolls and borrowing clothes from her grandmother’s wardrobe, which she adapts to her own taste. Good taste has remained a constant up to the present day, when Maje is in the wardrobe of thousands of women from far and wide.

Paul and Joe

The last lady on our list is Sophie Albou. She founds Paul and Joe in 1995. She calls the company after her two sons. At the beginning, she designs only men’s wear and manages to find her place amongst the talents of the French capital with a mixture of cuts from the 70s, floral patterns, fresh ideas and vintage highlights. Just a year later, after the warm welcoming by her customers, Sophie boldly embarks on a new adventure and launches her women’s wear line. She apparently loves the feeling, because more and more challenges follow – a beauty line, children’s collections and the debut of Paul & Joe Sister – our favourite branch in the wide portfolio of the brand. Because she showers us with kittens, puppies and all sorts of things that tickle the kids in us.

Text: Siyana Zaimova

Photos: Facebook pages and official sited of Sandro, Maje, Paul and Joe

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