If there is one thing I do lovingly and without any effort, this is not snacking (cooking can sometimes be exhausting), but combining clothes in chic outfits that get more questions than compliments. Questions like, ‘How can you spend so much money on clothes?’, and then, ‘How did you do this trick?’ Well, this is a question for one million dollars, but most frequently I helpfully answer, ‘With ease, I transform an outfit from Zara into one from the catwalk.’ And now I am going to reveal my secrets to you. Read carefully and you’d better make use of them as soon as possible!

Crocodile skin effect

I am firmly against killing animals only for the sake of fashion, and this is why I opt for ‘effect’. Remember, we are not looking for genuine leather, but rather an ecologically sound substitute with a similar effect. It always looks very luxurious and, fortunately, in the autumn there are plenty of options for bags and shoes that can knock out your friends and colleagues.

Blazer with belt

Nothing makes an outfit look more structured and sophisticated than a blazer tightened with a belt on the waistline – a trend that is going to dominate the streets this autumn. Easy, right? You definitely already have both a blazer and a belt on hand, so everything you need to do is just wear them together!

Soleil skirt

Soleil skirts are an omnipresent trend in autumn shows – from fine champagne pleats, paired with sweaters in Chloé’s ideas, to asymmetrical designs with large folds, combined with blazers with Céline. Add playful knee-high boots in order to complete your luxurious autumn outfit. Basically, the skirt could be from H&M, but nobody will know if you don’t tell them! Reimagine trends from autumn collections of designer brands with something that fits in your budget, et voilà!

Silk scarf

You can find it in vintage stores or charity shops. A silk scarf with a print tied around your neck makes your outfit looks polished and expensive. A quick, easy and affordable way to raise the most basic pair of denim trousers, paired with a nice shirt, into a whole new level of aesthetics.

 Silk everything

 Nothing looks more luxurious than silk clothes. Invest in a black slip dress or in one with very thin shoulder straps, and why not in a top? In order to add instant elegance, just get your hands on something that has silk in it even if the material isn’t pure silk.

Monochrome outfit

Choose a combination of clothes which are not the same colour, but rather in the same colour palette. Use different shades of beige, green, blue or pink, for example, the options here are as many as wide the spectrum of the aforementioned colours, and that really presents you with immense variety. Add accessories to your liking, put on a drop of sophistication and a pinch of luxury, but no, wait! They are already there when your outfit is monochrome and well-paired.

Yes, tricks that are easy at first sight, but how many of them do you do every day? We all know that style is not reflected in expensive possessions, it comes from within, and these several ideas are going to help you smooth out your sense of luxury in your everyday looks. At least with us, they work!

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Photos: Pinterest

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