She is Miroslava Duma. The petite girl that the whole world was staring at, scrutinising what she was wearing, where she was eating and what places she was visiting. In the meantime, Mira elegantly built a media empire for herself, created a family and gave birth to three children. All that before turning 33 years old. It seems that beneath this tender doll-like outer appearance there is a visionary heart beating that knows no boundaries. Her relaxed feminine look should not mislead anybody – if an idea pops up in her head, her eyes start shimmering and she starts taking the steps on the way to making it happen. In a world full of unscrupulous sharks, it is difficult to make the fact that you are the daughter of a Russian senator and the wife of a millionaire look like simple statistics. Difficult, but not impossible when every day of your life you prove that you owe your success solely to the richness you conceal in your mind.

At the beginning of the story, Mira looks just like the next It Girl, or to put it simply – a beauty who is only popular with her perfectly selected wardrobe. She often happens to be in front of Scott Schuman’s camera, the best fashion blogger at that time. And she quickly becomes everyone’s favourite – from street style photographers to hunters of stylish shots. She quickly debunks the myth about the origins of her success by occupying the position of an editor at the Russian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. She also publishes in OK Magazine, Tatler, Glamour and many others. Her own website Büro 24/7 comes next and it rapidly establishes itself as a fashion institution, while as of today, 6 years after it was founded, it functions across several continents in the form of separate pages for Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia and the Near East. Miroslava loves carrying things off with a flourish and she proves this with every new project that she takes up.

She may well have a seat for herself at the front row of every fashion week as well as a million and six hundred thousand followers on Instagram, but she is aiming much, much further into the future of fashion and the preservation of planet Earth. She shares: “Yes, the label of being a celebrity annoys me because it couldn’t possibly be further from the truth about me. You are never going to see me drinking and dancing at the fashion parties… After every show, presentation, meeting or business dinner during the fashion weeks, I go back directly into the hotel in order to put my kids to bed.”
She often takes part as a lector or commentator during huge forums for business or digital media. In 2015 she also organises the panel “New Era of Commerce and Trade”, featuring Jack Ma, the founder of the highly successful website for electronic commerce Alibaba. The event occurs as part of the largest economic forum in Russia.

In 2016 Mira Duma and Nasiba Adilova create the online shop The Tot, which specialises in selling babies’ and children’s items that are harmless for the health of kids, but are also proven to be safe, obviously innovative and possessing attractive design.

2017, on the other hand, is the year when Miroslava announces her new endeavour – Fashion Tech Lab: “A hybrid that unites an investment company, a multinational accelerator and an experimental laboratory.” Its mission is going to be the development of “smart” textiles and nanotechnologies.

Is it necessary for us to mention that Mira has been actively engaged with charity for all of her conscious life, or could we skip that one?

It is striking to follow the evolution of such an inspirational woman. An excellent example of how we should defy labels that life sometimes puts on us – by shattering them into bits and pieces. Keep going the same way, girl!

Text: Alexandra Tosheva
Photos: Press

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