During Paris Fashion Week, we noticed the Saudi Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz and the Instagram princess Tamara Kalinic wearing dazzling dresses. We got keen on learning more about their author Mihailo Anusic and his fashion house Mihano Momosa. Located not anywhere else, but in Novi Sad. Here is what he told us:

Mihailo, we are really grateful for your time at some of the busiest times in your career! Tell us a little more about your fashion house Mihano Momosa and how you embarked on designing wedding dresses and outfits?

Fashion has always interested me, it has been a part of my own self. I believe that the way we dress defines us and shows who we are. While I was growing up, my decision was growing firmer and firmer that this was what I wanted to do for a living, as a career. My aunty was a tailor and I was able to learn a whole lot from her. While I was in college and studying business-orientated subjects, I did a few apprenticeships and I was working as a specialist. Before that, I was making clothes for my friends. And when I found out that I have gained knowledge and experience, when I got enough feedback, I decided that the right moment had come for me to turn fashion into my career. This is how it all started. Wedding dresses were a part of every one of my collections – always reserved for the grand closing of the catwalk. But it was only now, this year, that I have created my first collection which consists entirely of wedding dresses. I don’t know why I was putting it off for such a long time, but I truly believe that the waiting was worth it.

Mihailo Anusic

Your designs are far away from the commonly held idea about the traditional wedding dress and they have so much uniqueness in them. Where do you draw your inspiration from while you are working?

I don’t have a particular source of inspiration, everything could have an influence on me or inspire me. It could be a person, a feeling, sometimes the muse just rushes in my veins and the designs appear naturally as an impulse. It is in my nature to create. Love also inspires me greatly. It has its reflection in every dress that I create.

How would you describe the bride that chooses to wear Mihano Momosa on her special day?

She is an exceptionally contemporary woman and I don’t mean this only in terms of fashion trends. She knows her surroundings and the challenges of the world that we live in. And she possesses enough strength and honesty to meet these challenges, but also stay true to herself and manage to keep her femininity.

What is the unique thing about your designs that makes them stand out?

They have one particular thing that is constant about them – I appreciate femininity and the will of the woman to keep the romantic and a small part of the child in herself. I do not take it away from her. Even though it might seem that modern times require ladies to sometimes betray their true nature.

How do you choose the fine materials that you work with?

The most important criterion for me is that they should provide maximum comfort. I don’t think that just beautiful design is enough. The feeling that a woman gets while wearing her dress is also extremely important. I have a weakness for light fabrics which have all the qualities needed for constructing a particular silhouette. So, there are some purely technical standards that I pay attention to. The main colours that I opt for, obviously, are pastel and white.

Are current fashion trends represented in your collections?

No. I am trying to create timeless dresses which even after 20 or 30 years will still have their beauty. This way a dress becomes an investment and not a mere whim.

And still, give us an example of a trend that will be ruling over bridal fashion this season?

Fashion has never been more diverse. So, there is no specific trend that represents a particular colour or silhouette. The true trend is following your own personality and the message that we ourselves are trying to spread in terms of values and character, and the ability to express them in our outfit.

When you meet future brides, what is the one piece of advice that you always welcome them with?

To choose the dress that they would feel the most self-confident in. This always shows. And I always ask them what kinds of emotions a particular dress evokes in them, as well as whether they can move about freely in it. Brides should be enjoying their own huge day. Their dress should help them do this, they need to feel it as second skin.

What do you think about present-day influencers in fashion? We noticed the super-popular social media star Tamara wearing your designs during one of the fashion weeks.

I love working with influencers, they have brought about so much freedom in fashion. Many of them are true experts and specialists. But the market is over-saturated and this is why I choose carefully who to work with, so that we could match not only in terms of audience, but also aesthetics and values.

What do you love most about your job?

The fact that it gives me the opportunity to express who I really am.

For the interview: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Mihano Momosa

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