I don’t believe in coincidences. Coincidences are for people who have lost the connection with themselves and who love ready-served answers. I don’t believe that my meeting with one of the most popular spiritual teachers – Gahl Sasson – is a coincidence. Particularly at the moment, when my mind is filled with questions.

We meet a day after his seminar in Sofia, just a little bit before his usual practice of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (he mentions that the school in Bulgaria is very good). Apparently, the questions are much more than the time we have, but Gahl’s schedule in Bulgaria is tight. We need to take this into consideration. He is here at the invitation of Kibea Publishing House, and only for a week. Here, on the table in front of me lies his personal laptop with one of the eternal answers, written on its wallpaper: Love is the answer. To the side, there is his book A Wish Can Change Your Life, which has been personally acclaimed by the Dalai Lama, and is heartily recommended by Madonna.

Gahl is not a guru, nor a healer. He doesn’t give you ready recipes. His is on his mission to teach people how to read the signs in their lives properly. According to him, we often ask ourselves questions without listening to the answers, which are right there within us.

“I often advise people who need something to request it from the Universe! They share that they pray every evening, but I don’t think that God is silly and that the Universe cannot hear them from the first time. If you are deeply longing for something to happen to you, it is probably not happening because you are clinging on to it. The way the Universe works is that you send your wish in the form of a vibration towards it and you wait, you have faith. I believe that faith is the ultimate lesson we need to learn in this lifetime. If you want to change something in your life, you need to send a vibration, but without clinging on to your wish! It will find its way to you. If you keep asking for it every second, it won’t happen.”

We probably need to help the Universe, too, and not just expect miracles…

Certainly. What happened to me was not a miracle, it was me following the signs – this is how the Universe communicates with us. This is how I came up to astrology.

Why do people ask you for advice in most cases?

Men usually ask about their business and themselves, while women are more frequently interested in love and – even more – in relationships.

Does this mean that men have a bigger ego?
No. Men are more interested in themselves and their career, because with its help they have been building up their identity for millennia now. A cave man would immediately ask me about hunting. And what would a cave woman be interested in? Hmm… “Will our children survive? Will I survive my next pregnancy? (Women often died during childbirth.) What will happen to my children…?” It is not about ego, it is about the way of male and female energy. As far as I am concerned, the more we move towards the Age of Aquarius, the more things will change and the more it will be possible to reach a state of equilibrium. I hope.

What do people need the most?

(contemplating) Acceptance. Accepting themselves, accepting their partner, accepting their life, accepting what is happening. Accepting is what I think people expect. This is what we need more than anything else. When you accept yourself, you can make a change. But if you are looking for change because you hate what situation you are in, there will hardly be any change happening at all.

If you ask me what the world needs in order to become the perfect place to live, I will say that this is sharing.

But we already have the social networking sites, don’t we?! This is where everybody shares everything!

This is not sharing. This is showing people a certain episode of your life, which often makes them feel bad, because you are not together. Facebook and all that crap – this is not real sharing. A lot of people who actively “share” on the Internet do not share their money, their opportunities and their intellect. Yes, they share the ridiculous video of the cat with the funny hat (just great!), but clicking or tapping is not sharing. I believe that there wouldn’t be any war, poverty and health problems if people shared more with each other. At the moment, we are facing some of the most terrible illnesses in the world: cancer, AIDS… If all scientists work together and exchange the knowledge they have, there won’t be any illnesses any more. If everybody shares their resources, there won’t be any war. If people share the fact that God could be called both Allah and Jesus and have no problem with it, then there will be no bombings at airports. Just think about it… Cain killed Abel, because they were not able to share. This is the oldest murder on the planet. And we keep perpetrating it!

How long will we keep doing this?

It depends on us. Everything could easily end tomorrow. It may well never do. We could kill each other. Free will is beyond astrology. You cannot say: according to the stars, you are going to start sharing. No, sharing is an act of free will.

How could a wish change a person’s life?

By accepting themselves the way they are, having faith and looking for change, by following the signs and the synchronicities.

We all know the saying: be careful what you wish for, because it might as well come true…

… yes, and that is why you need to be careful whether what you wish for is what you need. Sometimes, what you want does not correspond to your needs. Some women want to have a relationship with their boss, in spite of the fact that they need to marry a man who is going to take care of them. But just because her father treated her in a bad way, she wants her boss, who is also going to treat her in the same way. If I tell her not to ask for this, because it is bad for her, I have heard answers such as: “I don’t care, I want him.” So, what we want and what we need is not always one and the same thing.

You travel a lot and you meet different people. Do you see big differences between people in Bulgaria and people in Hong Kong, for instance?

In my opinion, for the most part people are the same around the world. This is why I use the same astrological system everywhere I go, I simply adapt it slightly. People resemble each other much more than we have ever expected. Each country has a different mentality. Here, in Bulgaria the situation is a bit more pessimistic and people complain a bit more. I travel a lot around the world and I really don’t understand why Bulgarians complain when they have no reason for doing this. In Istanbul people complain, because there are religious fanatics, people who blow themselves up at airports, the regime is repressive and I understand them. I also understand people in Israel – all of their neighbours want to kill them. In Hong Kong there are a lot of misunderstandings with China and people don’t know what their future will be like. But I don’t understand what the problem of Bulgarian people is…

What would you advise Bulgarian people?

Focus on education. Concentrate on the ways to stimulate your children to build up self-confidence and self-awareness. This is different from patriotism. Patriotism is crap. I don’t think that they should be proud because they are Bulgarian, but that they should appreciate who they really are and love their country. I would focus less on the great history of Bulgaria (who ruled it and when, etc.), and concentrate more on the love for the country. I would take the children to the mountains and the places where people produce amazing food. In the summer, children could stay on farms so that they develop their connection to the earth, so that they feel the spirit of “We can”, cultivate self-confidence and self-awareness. If you concentrate on this, you are going to create a new generation which is not going to live with the dreadful feeling that it is the victim of the communists or the Ottoman Empire. This is called the intergenerational transformation.

What do you think about empathy?
It is always important. But empathy is not the biggest problem in Bulgaria. The problem is more about the lack of self-confidence, which is the main reason for hating each other. If you hate yourselves, you are going to have everybody around you.

Read the continuation of our interview HERE, so that you can find out whether Mercury Retrograde is responsible for the lack of success in our life and if we need to choose our partner according to zodiac sign compatibility.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Gahl Sasson, Personal Archive

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