We continue our conversation with one of the most popular astrologists and spiritual teachers in the world – Gahl Sasson, this time following the line of the planets and the zodiac signs. Is it true that Mercury Retrograde is responsible for the lack of success in our life and do we need to choose our partner according to zodiac sign compatibility? Here is what the personal astrologist of celebrities such as Uma Thurman and Patricia Arquette shared with us.

How did you find astrology for yourself? Was there a specific event or a person in your life?

I was studying psychology in Israel and before starting my master’s degree I went surfing in Mexico (my name in Jewish means “a wave” and I wanted to understand waves with the help of the surfboard). I stayed a little longer in the country and I met a lot of interesting people. One day, while I was running in the park, I saw people who were doing yoga and I joined them. Me and the yoga teacher became good friends and one day he asked me whether I wanted to help him with a Reiki session. I accepted and went there, and his wife was so impressed with my work that she wanted to make me a gift – an astrology chart. From this chart I found out that she knows much more about me than all the psychologists I have communicated with. I asked the Universe if I had to study astrology. This was before the Internet existed. I was in Mexico, I didn’t have money and I didn’t speak Spanish – everything was against my wish to take up astrology. Then I made a rock band of street musicians and this is how I stayed in the country for a little longer. One day the guitarist in our rock band said that he wanted me to go with him and see some people. I agreed and when I went there I saw that they were studying astrology. They needed someone who spoke Jewish (like me) and offered me to study there for free and in return I was to translate things, connected to Kabbalah. We became really good friends and I stayed in this school for two years. So, we could say that astrology found me just like I found it.

We often blame our problems on Mercury Retrograde. What exactly is his fault?

Oh, yes, everyone keeps doing this! I believe that Mercury Retrograde is the period when you need to take more responsibility for your interaction with people and your behaviour. When in wintertime it’s snowing and business is not going so well, still every day you keep your shop open. It is the same with Mercury Retrograde: this is a period when communication is more difficult, but you need to forgive other people more, forgive yourself more. Not to use it as an excuse. Mercury Retrograde helps us explain the situation, but not the cause for it.

We are already in the middle of 2016 and there has been so much blood and violence… What else is going to happen until the end of the year?

This is going to continue. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that this is the year of the monkey – the red fire monkey. There is going to be a lot of fire, war and terrorism. This is going to continue.

For how long?

It is going to be like this for a while, but this year is going to be quite blood-stained.

What would you say to people who wouldn’t get married just because their zodiac sign is incompatible with that of a particular person?

I will advise them not to do so. This happens in India and it is really silly. If their signs are not compatible, it doesn’t mean that their Moons are not compatible, or Venus or Pluto. They should not limit themselves just to the zodiac sign.

Your opinion about the Solar Revolution? Is it useful to change your birth place for another one?

I don’t believe much in this. There are places which are really good for us when we speak about energy levels. But I don’t think that if you get on a plane and go to a place and come back after a day or two, this will have any effect. I believe that you need at least three months so that you can travel there or stay for a month, meet the local people, try their food and drink their water before going back. This is a whole process. Going somewhere for two days and then jumping back on the plane – energy doesn’t work so quickly. If you want to go somewhere, stay there for longer!

What would you say to people who don’t believe in astrology and claim that it is complete nonsense?

Some things are true no matter whether we believe in them or not. There are people who don’t believe in love, but I have no intention of persuading them vice versa. As far as astrology is concerned, they are missing something which has been with us for thousands of years. The thing that scholars such as Galilei, Newton and Kepler believed in. So, there must be something true about it. There are people who don’t want to read poetry and who don’t think that it could help them (smiles). There is nothing wrong about this.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am writing a book about relationships and I am working on a project, connected to acrobats and dancers – a virtual love story. A story without music, but with movement.

Here is how Gahl represents the zodiac signs with one sentence:

Don’t tell me what to do!

I know that I am beautiful and I can hear it again and again!

Don’t try to understand me, I am a paradox!

You know that I am a goddess!

I rule – you win!

I can rule, but I prefer to serve!

I could be the beauty, and you – my beast!

You’d better be kind to me!

I am a freelance guru, how shall I help you?

If you trust in me, I can change your life!

Control tower to Aquarius: we have lost contact!


I am a medium, I know you think I am cool!

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Gahl Sasson, Personal Archive

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