She is everything that comes to our mind when we say Paris. Her hair is messy, she is in love with denim, she is tall, slim, confident. She is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, having inherited the heavy crown from Carine Roitfeld. Unlike her, Emanuelle stays away from the glamour and the label of the rigorous fashion inquisitor. She is strict about her professionalism, she adores doing photo shoots and discovering new talents because, as she says herself, this is a rarity and every new talent is a genuine treasure.

She very well knows that Vogue Paris represents its country and she insists on her team maintaining high standards. Three words exist for her – work, work and again work. And she wouldn’t bother to create a special look for the Fashion Week. Neither would she rush into changing several outfits in one day. She prefers everybody’s eyes being fixed on the magazine rather than on what kind of shoes she is wearing. She loves comfort and believes that the 60s and the 70s are fashion’s best years.

She derives inspiration from times gone by and with a slight gesture of nostalgia she remembers Jean-Paul Gaultier’s first fashion show, which she visited with her mother, who was modelling for Lanvin and Nina Ricci at the time. She knows herself quite well and as early as 19 years old she realises that modelling is not her vocation. She is in love with the magazine, which exists as a living organism on its own, she believes that finding inspiration every day is the ultimate aim. Emanuelle is the mother of two children and the wife of Franck Durand, the art director of Isabel Marant. Having recently turned the golden 50, she admits that youth is a currency and shares that you cannot expect to seduce all your life using one and the same weapon, but this does not mean that you lose your magic.

She has accepted creating a good taste as a mission and unlike everybody else in the business, she is not maniacally preparing her outfits. Here is why denim has become her uniform, skirts are far behind her back and she cannot seem to get away from the slightly boyish style that has become her trade mark. She gives interviews exceptionally rarely because they distract her from the working process and they waste her precious time. And also, she doesn’t like speaking all the time.

Such a person is Emanuelle Alt, known to the fashion world as the cool one. She lacks rigour and successfully gets away from the cliché of the evil, demanding fashion dictator. It seems like she is not from this world, like she is moving in a parallel universe. A very stylish, very simple and very tranquil universe. She does not like shocking and dreams about presenting a world that people dream about, without losing their connection to reality. Emanuelle is amongst the very few in the fashion business who have a clear notion of everything that Vogue Paris presents – this is the bible of luxury, and luxury is something that comes with age. This is exactly why she is not afraid of doing front covers with Sophie Marceau or 70-year-old Lauren Hutton. Because today more than any other time we need somebody to remind us about true beauty, intransient style and eternal class. We need Emanuelle Alt.

Text: Tea Denolyubova
Photos: Vogue, Stockholm-streetstyle.com, Pinterest

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