The serene sensuality of Beatrix Ost has a mysterious, thrilling influence and the moment she starts talking everybody else around her goes quiet. She is eloquent, articulate, witty and wise. She is a woman of inherent elegance, who gracefully signs her emails with, “In your body is a good place to be.” Bright colours are her credo. “A lot of stylists are still secretly consulting me,” says Beatrix. “I prefer the style of the 30s and the 40s because I used to live in that time! They say that I am enticingly elegant. But how else should it be?! I am a woman, after all!”

Her earliest memory connected to fashion is from the age of 5. “I took my father’s ties and used them as a belt,” she shares. “And the aunt coming to visit in high heel wedgesand broad shoulder jacket with a fox fur casually thrown over.”

We are quire assured that if you google the word ‘chic’, there will be at least a number of Ost’s images coming up. She finds beauty and art in everything. In her wardrobe, she has nestled authentic vintage treasures by Prada, Comme des Garçons and Vivienne Westwood, which are yet another proof of her strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail. Here, we also include her unique collection of hats, one of which resembles a bird’s nest with feathers and golden eggs.

The 79-year-old painter, designer, muse, scriptwriter, producer and director was born on 6th January 1940 in Stuttgart, Germany, where she spends her childhood in the years around the Second World War. New York, however, is a place of magnetic attraction for her together withthe iconic Studio 54and Andy Warhol. Her artistic career in the USA has been marked by a host of shows that have earned her a reputation of a genuine artist and a fashion icon.

Beatrix Ost is worshipped by many contemporary fashion designers, the Olsen twins among many others. The turban, covering her blue or purple hair, along with the emblematic red lipstick are her trademark. You could frequently see her with them in fashion bibles such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

“I’ve had my clothes forever,” admits Ost. “I have a fabulous seamstress, so I often design a lot of my own stuff. Sometimes I’ll feel the necessity for a linen suit or something like that, and then that can be made by someone for me. I know exactly what I should wear and what I shouldn’t. I’m just very clear in that and always was. I think one should discover oneself first and then see what is best for them. See yourself in reality. How is my body? How is my face? What looks good on me? You cannot be dictated. I’m not really a shopper; I’m more of a finder. I sometimes find something and then it’s there for years and becomes part of me.”

This year the fashion icon turned 79. Ageing, however, does not scare her, but rather gives her the opportunity to develop, get inspired by the younger generation and continue expanding her artistic boundaries. “It’s great being myself, but it is also frightening. I feel like a teenager to a certain extent. I’m not sure that what people call ‘old age’ exists for me. Isn’t this an actual experiment?!”

For a woman whose life has always been guided by a sense of improvisation, experiments are nothing scary. She spends a lot of time with her children’s friends, who are all about 30-40 years old. And this recharges her. “People my age seem very old to me. Many people are into their physical ailments … they talk about how hindered they are,” she says. “I’m not interested in that. It is what it is. You can have an ailment with your legs when you’re 25 — I’m not interested in that. I want to know something about your spirit or what you’re thinking of this or that. I’m on a path. And I’m seeing every day as a novelty. Just being present, getting out of sleep into the new day…just that alone is so wonderful and I see it as a gift.”

Text: Nora Atanasova

Photos: Instagram, Renée Rodenkirchen, Advanced Style

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