We are used to all sorts of hypes around stars, upcoming premieres and what else not. Particularly in show business, fashion and the cinema industry. But the truth is that every rule has its own exceptions. And if you, just like many other readers, are asking yourself the question about what so impressive there is in the new Aquaman film, we have two equally strong answers for you. Well, the second one is definitely hotter, but hold on for a moment.

The first one is that the film is an epic adventure, which looks truly exceptional. In terms of scale, visual effects and décor, Aquaman is a genuine achievement in cinematography

And here comes the second reason which, just like all dangerous reasons in the world, bears a male name. Jason Momoa. The tall and extremely sexy actor was proclaimed the world’s most handsome man just hours ago. And for a simple comparison, we would like to add that Leo DiCaprio takes up the last place. Number 100. Now, simply imagine how many galaxies away hotter Momoa is.

193 centimetres of pure perfection, the golden age of 39, Hawaiian blood and a childhood spent in Honolulu and Iowa… What else is there to wish for? Apart from being an amazing actor, he is also smart, well-mannered and the perfect head of his big family. He has a countless number of interests including surfing (after all, it would be a blasphemy for such an incredible body not to enter an epic battle with the waves), he is fascinated by drawing, for which reason he goes to France, and after that he discovers Buddhism. We can willingly accept all this as long as draws for us even a small heart on a shabby piece of paper…

Undoubtedly, Momoa’s true admirers can’t have missed the distinctive mark on his left eyebrow. A dear memory from a fight in a bar that leads to a hit with a glass, 140 stitches and probably the sexiest scar in the world that has become Momoa’s trademark. How many women’s hearts would give their all just to be able to touch it?!

Well, we are sorry to have to disappoint you. But with a surprise. His wife is Lenny Kravitz’ ex-spouse, actress Lisa Bonet. She is almost 10 years older than he is, but this, apparently, presents no particular problems… to our great misfortune. The couple has a son and a daughter, who have gatheredthe best of the exotic genes of both their parents. And perhaps this is the time to announce the surprise. In case Jason Momoa is married to Lenny’s ex-wife, then this means that… Lenny is all ours now! And simply imagine what a great company you would be all together, having in mind that Momoa is close friends not only with Lenny, but also with his amazing daughter Zoë…

Aquaman, Lenny and more… yes, just for you.

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Pinterest, Instagram

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