‘Chameleon’ is the best word we can use to describe actress Cate Blanchett. The ease with which she moves form one character to another and changes her appearance is truly remarkable. Apart from her fellow actress Tilda Swinton, there is no other Oscar winner who is so easily recognisable and different at the same time. An actress with a talent, intellect and presence.

The Australian Catherine Elise Blanchett makes her international film debut in 1997 with the role of an Australian nurse, captured by the Japanese in the Second World War in the film Paradise Road (together with Glenn Close and Frances McDormand). The actress’s road to international fame is paved with a lot of work, challenges and fortuitous encounters, but as with every Hollywood story, the happy end is inevitable.

We can think of five reasons why Cate could easily win over every heart. And we are certain that you can add at least five more.

1. Because she is a queen.

And not only in the hearts of her loved ones and her fans, and not because of her inborn aristocratism. But also because it has not been just once that Cate has adopted the image of a queen. Just to mention, the film Elizabeth, where the image of the heiress to the British throne brings her an Oscar nomination, as well as the BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards. Also, The Lord of the Ring, where the actress plays Galadriel – the Queen of the Elves.

2. Because transformation is her second nature.

Blanchett has proven many times that there is no role she cannot represent to perfection. From Bob Dylan and Katharine Hepburn to Main Marian and Cinderella’s step-mother – Cate’s talent knows no limits.

3. Because she is able to lose

If you have started to lose, lose with dignity”, shared some time ago the blonde beauty. Her first internationally acclaimed role – that of Queen Elizabeth I (1998), for which she receives an Oscar nomination for best actress, unfortunately does not manage to bring her the coveted gold statuette (she loses to Gwyneth Paltrow for her role in Shakespeare in Love). The defeat doesn’t make her despair, but rather it stimulates her to work more and in 2005 Blanchett wins an Oscar for best supporting actress as Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator. The second Oscar Award, this time for best actress, she receives in 2014 for her role in Blue Jasmine.

4. Because she is the best mom in the world.

If you don’t believe it, ask one of her four children: her sons Ignatius Martin Upton, Roman Robert Upton, Dashiell John Upton, and her daughter Edith Vivian Patricia Upton, for whom the actress always finds the time regardless of her busy schedule.

5. Because she opens her heart to other people’s suffering.

In 2016 Cate Blanchett was appointed UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. This decision was taken after a trip to Jordan, where she witnesses a humanitarian mission for people running away from the conflict in Syria and she spoke to refugees.
The actress has on many occasions expressed her opinion about feminism and politics, warning that “a wave of conservatism is surrounding the globe” and threatening the role of women in society.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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