There is a saying which goes: “Women are born, men are formed”. This saying holds the whole truth. And the truth is that if things are left to their real nature, then women are the stronger sex. They are connected to the energy of the earth through their uterus and have more primary power, more stamina, more intuition and more innate abilities to survive and manage. They are connected to the source by birth and they don’t need to be anyone or do anything to be women. They are born women.

The woman gives birth both to the man and the woman, but the man can only give birth to himself. In order to be strong and successful and in order to create, he needs the energy of the source, located in the uterus of the woman. This source does not open simply and only because the man has penetrated. This place is archaic and only awakens if it feels the power of the creator. And how should the man be formed in order to have the power? We all know the qualities of the fighter and the good keeper. The man has to become a fighter and a good keeper. The fighter accepts challenges, he is brave and willing to risk, he is patient, he doesn’t lose his courage, he strengthens his willpower, develops his decisiveness and all qualities which will lead him to the victory. When he wins over the desired land, he takes good care of it with the love and patience of a good keeper. And then he indulges the riches of this land.

The woman is powerful by nature, mighty by nature. If the fighter wins her over, tames her and subordinates her, she opens the source for him. And if the man is a good keeper, this source stays open for him for the rest of his life. There is no such possibility for a woman to try to become weak or to become defenceless in order for the man to do nothing and still receive his own. Because the female principle is the principle of non-acting. And if she tries to become someone in order to please the man, she starts acting. And the action itself, the very acting takes her out of her female being and separates her from the source. The principle of acting is the male principle.

Contrary to the commonly held perception, in sexual interaction the man is the one who gives sex and does so in order to receive the woman’s love and in order to open the source of the woman’s emotions, where the power and the energy lie. This is why it is normal for a woman to be passive in sex in order to become deeply absorbed and to feel, while the man is active in order to open and to take. The man takes all kinds of actions – he buys a house, a car, earns money and takes care of the woman not because he loves her, but because he wants to receive her love. Because her love gives him the power and the energy to earn more money and to take care of her in order to receive more love. Actually, the man loves himself and the woman loves him. And this is the natural order. If the man loves the woman in order to receive sex, the course is reversed. The woman loves the man and receives sex. The sex organs of the man are outside his body and he ejaculates semen outside. The sex organs of the woman are inside her body and she receives semen inside herself. She needs material filling – sex and material acquisitions, while he needs spiritual growth – emotions, feelings and love. This is why men rarely tell women that they love them – because it is not true, while women often tell men that they love them – because it is true. (Here, I mean the course male—female, but of course than in human relationships the man loves equally to the woman.) When the man is intimate with the woman, he says, “I have sex”, and this is literally so. When the woman is intimate with the man, she says, “I make love”, and this is also literally so. When the man wants to be with a woman, he says, “I want to hit on her”, and this is the actual truth because he hits on her from top to bottom. Firstly, he infiltrates her thoughts and gains her respect and admiration. Next, he conquers her feelings while winning her confidence. And last, he subordinates her body, where the source of the power lies. Once emotionally open for the man, the woman keeps constantly flowing towards him even when they are not together and are thousands of kilometres apart. The principle “The more, the more” applies to the woman. This is to say that the more emotions, feelings and love she gives to the man, the more she has to give. While the sexual capabilities of the man are limited, the woman’s ability to give an emotional response is boundless.

Here, it is important for women to know that if they have sex just because of physical pleasure and without their emotions being engaged in the process, then they drain the man out, without giving him anything in return. At first glance, it seems like there is nothing wrong about this. And if this is only an episodic contact, it is truly so. But when we are talking about a couple who are a family and where for years on end the woman has sex out of duty and without feelings and an emotional drive, or because of the man, or as a way of prevention against the menopause just because the gynaecologist has prescribed it, then it is devastating for both of them. Why for both of them? Because a main cosmic law is being systematically broken and the man is over-exhausted, while the woman is over-burdened. This is why the most common female diseases are the ones, connected to the excess of energy, while the most common male diseases are the ones, connected to the lack of it. Women are the ones who support life and it is a good idea for them not to betray this main purpose of theirs and not to maintain barren sexual intercourse just because of pointless habits or even worse – because of lifeless fashionable viewpoints. Men are the ones who plant the seed of life and for their own health and prosperity it is advisable for them to take care of the woman so that she can blossom in love with them and not to satisfy themselves with regular physical exercise.

Why does the woman do the cleaning, the washing up, the cooking – all the housework? Because these activities symbolise the care for the temple. The temple from which the man is going to derive inspiration and spiritual growth is the woman’s body. She is responsible for the sexuality, but the potentials which she is going to develop depend on the man. This is why in a relationship the woman is corresponding, but not active. This means that she can express herself as a woman, but also as a mother and as a man and this depends on the state of the man. With the woman, there is a feeling and an automatic reaction to the feeling. She reflects the man and fills in the gaps. And so, if the man is helpless, she automatically takes up the role of the stronger sex, if he is irresponsible, she automatically becomes a mother and, accordingly, if he is a man, she easily becomes simply a woman. She is adaptable. This is why if men believe that women are not weak and helpless enough, let them look at themselves and see how their behaviour provokes the expression of these potentials. With all this, said up to now, I want to emphasise that there is no way for women to become weak for men, but rather, that men have to become strong for women.

So! Women, do not expect from men to feel the way you feel and tell you that they love you! This contradicts their constructiveness. And, affected by fashionable trends in women’s behaviour, do not confuse immaturity with femininity. The way immaturity is a disadvantage with men, so it is with women. And men, do not expect women to be your wombs and do not try to be their children. No matter how much she loves her children, the woman, after all, rejects them at a certain moment, while the love for the man is eternal.

The man who has achieved doesn’t have the obvious appearance of a macho-man because within him there flows the female energy and it gives him a certain type of softness, kindness and warmth. If I see the type of manliness which slaps, I know that this man is hungry and immature. But he is not going to receive anything from a woman until he gains victory and learns first to receive from the woman inside himself, who is inherently more powerful. Also, if I see a dazzlingly feminine woman, I know that she is not mature and that she gives nothing to a man. But she won’t be able to give, because first she needs to give to the man inside herself. The true woman may allow herself to behave like a man if she wants to, and her feminine presence will not suffer from this. She doesn’t need to act weak and defenceless in order to prove to herself and to men that she is a woman. When an internal quality is present, outer expressions show this in a way which is not too obvious and in your face.

This is why if a country is in a state of a mess, a woman has to take its lead. Because a woman comes into power in order to give. While men often aspire to power just because power surrounds them in a heavenly halo and in doing so they can easily reach women’s attention and the source of women’s emotions. Here, I’m not saying that men are not good at being politicians. Obviously, if a man is a fighter and a good keeper and already has a woman by his side, from whom he draws energy, he can become a very successful and responsible political leader and history knows plenty of such men. But if he does not possess the internal qualities and has not opened himself to at least one woman and is only reaching for power in order to receive the female energy, then such a leader has an absolutely detrimental effect on the country which he is ruling. The paradox here is that men who have the energy of the source and who are successful do not usually aspire to come into power and it does not attract them. In such a case, their sense of responsibility for the future generations has to be engaged and only such men should be chosen to rule a country. If they do not want to, women better rule.

The thing which I am witnessing at the moment is that a huge part of men and women are being men unwillingly and being women unwillingly. We will all gain as a society if we stop opposing the roles which nature has chosen for us and we deny immaturity, taking responsibility for preserving the miracle, called life.

Text: Rositsa Toncheva

Photo: Press

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