Today, we have decided to put ourselves in men’s shoes even though they are a bit large for us. We are looking for an answer to the second most important question that mainly concerns women. If the first one is, “What do women want?”, and is the subject of interpretation by the stronger sex, then the second one looks like this: “What do men notice about a woman?”, and it concerns the ladies, apparently. In the following lines, we are going to present the answers that we have collected for you.

The smile. Its beautiful expression is one of the first things that the stronger sex notices about a woman. Smiling ladies send signals of happiness and positivity and they also look more predisposed to conversation. And most importantly, they invite the other side to respond with a smile, as well.

The eyes. They are windows to the soul and that’s why we are not surprised that they are among the first things that men notice. And it is not by chance that eyes can tell a lot about the personality. They look down when they are lying, they “smile” when they are happy, they radiate a special type of shine when something beautiful is happening in the soul. According to a lot of surveys, 70% of gentlemen notice the eyes first, and then everything else.

The hair. According to men, beautiful, shiny hair is a sign of youth and good health. Apart from that, they like it when it is soft and pleasant to the touch, and also when it smells good. There is the popular stereotype that they prefer long-haired ladies, but this is far from being a must. When we are confident in ourselves, the length and the colour of the “mane” are the last factors that have importance.

The figure. It is something specific that can’t get away from gentlemen’s gaze. This, however, doesn’t mean anything in particular, because some men prefer ladies with expressed curves, while others go for slender women. No one, on the other hand, likes size-zero girls. The body needs to be in good shape and look healthy, not squeezed out and exhausted.

The bust. The time has come to pay attention to it, as well. According to most studies, women’s breasts attract men’s eyes only after the smile and the eyes. And even though there are some individuals, who rudely stick their eyes to the neckline immediately after meeting a woman for the first time, the gents that we prefer leave this for dessert.

The artificial upgrades. These either, cannot get away from a man’s gaze. Fake hair, nails, and eyelashes definitely attract the attention, but do they do this in a positive way? Highlighted beauty, and not the artificial stuff, attracts the eye, no matter whether it is a man’s or a woman’s.

The legs. It will hardly be a surprise when we tell you that individuals of the stronger sex pay a lot of attention to them. It appears that they are some of their favourite parts of our bodies and this is why it is important to highlight them with the right clothes. And shoes, apparently! The longer, the better, but even if we don’t have the legs of a model, at least we have high heels.

The skin. Just like the hair, it is also noticed and granted attention by gentlemen. Preferably, it should be silky soft and healthy, with a natural glow to it. We should not forget, however, foundation marks on clothing are not the marks we want to leave…

The clothing. Some of the things that we pay the most attention to, namely clothes, stay at the end of the line as seen through men’s eyes. But this doesn’t mean that they have no opinion about them, quite the opposite. According to a recent study, men prefer a classic look that is not too revealing. They love the mystery that a half-naked body ruins. The selection of clothes and accessories needs to exude confidence and a sense of style.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press

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