In this piece of material, intended for women, there is product placement of men of Type 1, or alpha males, or we could simply call them men with capital A. Every woman has met someone A at least once in her life – without knowing it, without expecting it, in the street, at the café, or she has met A with the intention of doing so. So, I have decided to do an investigation on A, what he wants from life and women, what this helluva scent is that trails behind every individual of this type… by and large, I want to find out what A does to make women like me carelessly forget about B, C, D, and E.

I call three of my closest girlfriends and I explain that I am going to write about A men and I am looking for the answers to three questions: why, how and does it make sense?! All three of them, understandable, do NOT answer me. Melancholic, tired, or negligent, they do NOT want to dig into their own desire, or lack of it, to meet such a man. And, as is the usual case in life, I try to deal with the situation on my own. And, as did Carrie Bradshaw, I sit in a café next to the window overlooking the busy pedestrian area. I watch and wait in the ambush!

Suddenly, an A appears and he is talking on a shiny, brand-new phone. He is holding it with his right hand and there is no ring on it. This is not some mafia guy, please don’t get me wrong. Rather, he is some kind of a cross between David Beckham and the young manager on page 7 of the latest issue of Forbes. The shoes, the suit, and the scarf all have the colour of business, and he is as handsome as you can imagine. He probably graduated from some university abroad, or something like this. He stands there like this for about three minutes before heading in an unknown direction, perhaps following his busy schedule.

Maybe he will get into his equally shiny, brand-new car and go to a meeting, and in the evening, he will go to some bar in order to demonstrate how full of himself he is and what he has. He will be drinking whiskey and looking at women, just like I was looking at him a moment ago. He won’t want anything from them, he will just be looking. Men like him have long stopped worrying about getting married and having kids. The relationship of his life is the one with his own success. This is him – the A man.

Otherwise, every woman has naïvely dreamt of a man like this at least once, but only for a short time. She has dreamt of him every time she smelled the trail of that expensive fragrance he was wearing and that trail is usually the only thing that is left behind him. On some occasions, the smell of the expensive cologne lingers in the air longer than such a man next to a woman.

And so, today I am sure that at least several men like this have passed by this café. Several more women have seen them and thought about what I am thinking about now. But did you know that these women have already become stronger than most men? Just like my girlfriends, so I, so most women that I have met lately know that there are cases when A is just not worth it. Not because we don’t need men, but because we don’t need these men. The alphabet has 25 more unique letters, right?!

Text: Steffi Stoeva

Photo: Press

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