Did you know what the secret of confident women is? What the secret of smiling, happy, beautiful, calm and confident women is? I am about to tell you, but first think of how many such women you know. And you, ladies, have you ever felt like no matter what other people think or say about you, this could not budge or hurt you? Like you are surrounded by a shield of happiness, like a halo of your own light. And you, dear gentlemen, do you know such women? If yes, then you know what I am talking about and you may skip reading this text.

For everyone who is wondering, let me tell you. Next to every woman like this, there is a real man. And in spite of the fact that I am against using labels such as who is real, or who is right, here I am talking about a man who knows what he wants. And this turns out to be very important. And be sure to remember that next to every man like this, there is a woman who knows what she wants. A man like this does not waste his time blaming. A man who isn’t afraid to stand proudly next to the woman he has chosen, because he knows that this is his personal choice. Mature enough to know that if his relatives are happy, he is also happy. And if his wife is beautiful and smiling, radiating peacefulness and joy of life, then his life goes the same way. Do you know a man like this?

But could you imagine the opposite? An unsatisfied, complaining woman, exhausted and sad… and why should I even go on? Then the days are like this. What is worse, this is how both their lives go. Are we really so short-sighted that we cannot see beyond the end of our noses? Is it really so hard for us to understand that we play in the same team, and this differentiation and the constant struggle for domination fill our lives with anger, irritation, and dissatisfaction? And what if you manage to dominate, what if you ‘score a goal’? After that, the game always turns and the other team starts attacking. It is always either attacking or defending… Do we really want to live like this? I can guarantee you that there will be very little time left for anything else. Even for the little pleasures of life, not to mention happiness, mutual support, love, joy, and safety. If you are busy with disagreements, arguments and constant fighting, well, then I know that you are very busy people and you don’t have much time to think about how to make yourself and the person next to you happier. After all, if you really love the ‘game’ so much, play, and I hope that one day you could win this game. But what would it look like?

I know that here you will offer me your arguments that you will present clearly in order to defend your story: “But he/she is such and such…” Oh well, this only makes sense if I have chosen the one next to you, or if you have met only one person in your life and chosen them for your partner, because there is no one else on this earth.

Apparently, it is easier to blame the person, fate, the circumstances or even the weather and many other things that even I cannot think of at the moment! We could also involve the parents, politicians, the country, the rich, the gypsies, you name it. But, in case you want to change something, then blaming is not the right way to do so. Start with yourself.

And, of course, I expect that you will argue with me, but let me tell you: the man provides calmness, stability, and security, the woman provides cosiness, beauty, and love. Then everything becomes one.

A man who remembers to tell her how beautiful she is every day. A man who takes care of her happiness, because her smile makes his days beautiful, will find the right woman, I assure you!

So, dear gentlemen, what is the woman next to you?

Text: Marlena Manolova

Photo: Press

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