You have definitely heard at least once that the way you start your day and the things you (don’t) do in the first few hours after you wake up could have a serious impact on your whole day. And that is absolutely right! The way you spend your morning depends entirely on you, but it has been shown that some consistency and several small changes can make you more energetic, motivated and determined.

And can you imagine that all this is possible with the help of only a few steps? Nine of them, to be exact! What are they, why are they important and do they follow any particular order? We are telling you all about it today!

A bit earlier than on time

Let’s admit it – morning sleep seems the sweetest, especially uninterrupted by the alarm clock. This is why many people tend to hit the snooze button at 5-10-15-minute intervals, in which time they are actually not going to get enough sleep but quite the opposite – they are only going to confuse their body. And it is very likely for them to be late! If you, however, instead of ending up in a deceitful sleep—alarm clock game, decide to wake up exactly 30 minutes ahead of time, you will have enough time not just to wake up, but also to practise some self-care. In any form!

 Hands off the phone

There is the growing habit of checking all phone notifications immediately after turning off the alarm clock. Our phone is in our hands either way, it doesn’t really matter that we haven’t even actually woken up yet. Yes! It matters a lot! Forget about your phone for at least thirty minutes after you wake up. The notifications, the messages, you friends’ pictures… everything will be there after half an hour, even after a whole hour, but the blue light that these electronic devices emit is certainly not the best way to start your day.

 Five minutes for me… with me

You want to spend at least five more minutes in bed before finally getting up? Great! Then meditate. It is considered that the best time for meditation is namely in the morning, immediately after waking up, because this is the time when the nervous system is still not adjusted for the day. What exactly should you do? Take a comfortable position and try to clear your mind for a few minutes in order to prepare yourself for the challenges of the day.

 Hello sun, hello world!

Instead of Instagram, open your bedroom window or at least pull up the blinds. You may even spend a few minutes admiring the morning view. Actually, we advise you to do so – the clean, crisp air will definitely wake you up, and the first sun rays are a great source of inspiration.

The most important meal of the day

How many of you have a tendency to skip breakfast? A lot! Just like we knew it. Breakfast, however, should not only be a responsibility, but a major priority and it is for a reason that it is dubbed the most important meal of the day.

You don’t feel like eating anything in the morning? Yes, we’ve been there, we know how you feel, but don’t listen to your body at this exact moment because it is exactly food that we need in order to recharge our body with energy. Even when you don’t have enough time, some kind of fruit or a quick smoothie are a great alternative. And remember: it is much, much better than nothing! Do your best to turn breakfast into a habit!

Planned day, successful day

While waiting for breakfast to get ready or waiting for your coffee to brew, you can do another quick and useful thing – make yourself a list. This time, however, not with the items that you need to buy (yes, we know that this is important, too), but with the things that you need (or expect) to do during the day. Writing down clear objectives will help you be much more organised in the upcoming day, and you are also going to stimulate your brain activity.

 Bonus tip

Narrow your tasks/objectives down to at most three most important ones and leave the others as secondary. This will help you concentrate and do the most important and often more difficult things on your schedule and/or give priority to everything urgent. And obviously – make sure that everything is achievable within the day itself, even within a few hours. Yes, we also understand that a round-world trip is one of your main purposes in life, ours, too, but we will hardly make it until the end of the following less than 18 hours, right?

The calendar, my dear friend

While still talking about planning, don’t forget to take a look at your calendar. It might sound strange, but trust us – it’s important. Sometimes, carried away by the hustle and bustle of city life, we have a tendency to forget about an appointment at the dentist’s or the hairdresser’s, about a friend’s birthday, about the charity concert that the kids are taking part in… about many things! That’s why take a minute and check your calendar. Every morning!

Something with the colour of happiness

Is has been proven that what we wear can actually affect the way we feel. Quite expectedly, grey and dull colour do not provoke smiles and enthusiasm, unlike bright and vivid nuances. When get in front of the wardrobe in the morning, choose what you feel you are going to feel comfortable in for the rest of the day and then take a good look at it. Does it have something colourful? Does it make you smile? In case the answer is ‘yes’, then put it on quickly before getting late. If not, then add a colourful accessory! And the most important thing, do not forget your good mood at home!

Her Majesty, Music

Do you know what else you need in the morning? Movement! And to our rescue comes… music! Play your favourite songs while picking your outfit for the day, while making plans, brushing teeth or preparing breakfast. Oh, yes – and dance if you feel like dancing. Who said that a morning is not for dancing? It is quite an appropriate time if you ask us and you may even try out some singing! Music can have a beneficial effect on brain activity and after a few songs you are definitely going to feel much more energetic. You don’t have a morning playlist? Make one immediately!

Perhaps some of these steps seem difficult for you to adapt to your daily routine and your lifestyle. Or you might have already tried them but haven’t achieved the results you were expecting… No change can happen overnight first thing the next morning. In fact, a habit takes up about 21 days in order to become a routine process. This time is not that long and it is certainly worth being consistent about it, or at least give it a chance… And something more. It is absolutely normal for you not to be able to do all the things on your list every morning. Keep going! Yes, sometimes we oversleep, we are late, we don’t feel like doing that thing or another, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your day will automatically turn bad! The day will be what you make out of it and every morning gives you enough time to start it in a positive way. Try…

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Unsplashed

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