We are so excited about what this autumn is going to be like. And by this we don’t mean the weather outside. We know that we are going to have October sun and November rain. Rather, we are interested in this autumn’s colours which the most skilful stylists have selected for the collection of the big brands.

Estée Lauder & Victoria Beckham

A collaboration that has no way of not being successful. Just like all the other fashion projects by Victoria Beckham. The essence that she puts into this makeup collection is her own notion of beauty, which would make women confident, beautiful and inspired. What does it offer? The products have been created in such a way so that they could highlight the tone and the structure of the face, corresponding with Victoria Beckham’s favourite cities. Matte lipsticks, metallic-shine eye shadows, fine eyeliner and a four-colour palette are all an inseparable part of the sets. London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris are the starting points for the looks created by Victoria Beckham – all of them being natural and soft enough, evoking the spirit of each mega polis.

Fall in Bloom by Dolce & Gabbana
True to themselves. In terms of presentation, in terms of palette, in terms of feeling. Dolce & Gabbana know how to attract the attention on a woman, be it with a new collection of clothes or makeup. Here is what the two Italians have prepared for us in their typical style. By and large, fall in bloom. Or a second spring this year. They have achieved this both through colour and through impression with the pinkish-purplish shades in their palette. Airy, soft and simultaneously playful – this is the impression they create with this campaign. Sonia Ben Ammar gives us an idea how to combine with grace the products from Fall in Bloom.

Night 54 by Yves Saint Laurent

This autumn YSL turns back to the legendary years of Studio 54 and the endless parties that we have heard about in many emblematic stories. Genuine star shine is blazing from all the products included in the collection. A strong waft from the 80s and the disco age – both in the colours and the generous offering of metallic shine. They are seriously influenced by the symbolic decade when Studio 54 used to be the epicentre of the musical and artistic world at the time. A part of the products in Night 54 are a limited edition, which could only be reached by the most avid fans of the brand and the disco wave.

Metallic by Dior

Here, too, shine is at the base of the collection. And it’s not any other, but the sine of shimmering textiles which inevitably attract the gaze. Even for an instant. Dior makes it the main character in its makeup collection this autumn by experimenting with opposites attracting and by examining the alchemy of contradictions. The brand’s collection is yet another different point of view on the sensuality that could be achieved through soft tones, natural shades and refined details. Earth colours are domineering with the eye shadows and mascara while six incredible shades from gentle pink to provoking red and burgundy is the palette with the lipsticks.

Olympia’s Wonderland by Lancôme

The brand invites us to a tour of the world of Olympia Le Pen. Wondrous and colourful – this is how we perceive it from what we saw with the autumn makeup collection. There are seven of them in it – eyeliner, nail polish, lipstick, a palette of eye shadows, highlighter, mascara and lip powders. Apart from their naughty look, the products, which truly describe Olympia’s essence, add a perfect touch of temperament. Just like the lipstick, for example, which is in the three iconic Lancôme shades.

These five girls definitely hold a trump card with their latest makeup collections. And we have to admit it. They have made a serious effort to fill the autumn with colour and shine.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova
Photos: Press

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