If you are reading this article in the first hours after the celebration of the new year (after a number of other Christmas and New Year celebrations), then you are one of the lucky ones. This is not another of those meaningless texts with tips for hiding dark circles with concealer or covering up the lack of sleep with several layers of mascara on your lashes (well, there is no such type of makeup which can mask the long nights with endless toasts and ample amounts of food). This is a first-aid article after ample celebration.

The morning after the party perhaps reminds you delicately (or not quite so) about last night: an unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the stomach and a substantial hangover. The everything in the world is overwhelming for you, isn’t it? A headache, tiredness, nausea, a feeling of being weak, sensitivity to noises and light… a small part of the morning-after syndrome. How to deal with its unpleasant side effects?

The problem: a terrible hangover

The solution: Great amounts of juice – freshly squeezed and with a lot of Vitamin C (grapefruit, orange, lemon). Sauerkraut juice, as long as it is not too salty, is also a solution, because of the high contents of Vitamin B and a lot of invaluable amino acids and micro elements. A yoghurt drink with a minimum amount of salt has excellent effects. A warm vegetable or beef soup is going to be a true remedy for your suffering stomach. Avoid hot spices such as black pepper and chili. Eggs are highly nutritious and very healthy on such occasions. An omelette with a yoghurt drink makes you full and soothes the stomach.

The problem: overindulgence in holiday dishes

Swelling, stomachache and that unbearable heaviness that gives you the feeling that you are going to explode any moment now. We are not going to mention the quantity of consumed calories, which has long surpassed a four-digit number.

The solution: Forget about everything fatty, sweet, fried and salty. If you feel hunger, focus on food that stimulates the production of serotonin. These are products containing tryptophan (what serotonin is made up of) – bananas, turkey, dairy products and peas.

In order to get rid of the heaviness in the stomach and the additional calories, be active or, even better, do some sport. No matter what the weather is outside. Movement is going to put you in a good mood and boost your metabolism.

The problem: you have spent too much money

“It’s not a big deal, this is New Year’s after all!” Perhaps these words popped to your mouth a few times last night. The worse thing is that it was accompanied by ordering an exceptionally expensive bottle of champagne in order to impress your friends or just for fun. Waking up the next morning with an empty wallet or with your cards over the credit limit is certainly not a good start of the new year. Or is it?

The solution: Perhaps it does not sound particularly posh, but planning your budget for the night in advance (while you are still sober) is a good idea.

Leave your credit cards home and keep in yourself just a certain amount of cash. It would be a good idea to arrange and prepay a taxi to pick you up from the party. This way you are not going to be worried about not having enough money for returning home.

In case the moment with the pre-planning soooooomehow eluded you, think about borrowing a small amount of money from a friend or a relative and how to cut down on unnecessary expenses until you get your salary.

The problem: a mild form of depression

The holiday season is filled with as much joy as it is with stress. Gatherings with friends and relatives, presents, delicious food, sales… After the party for New Year’s, however, the holiday adrenalin decreases sharply. The thought of going back to our daily routines and boring jobs quickly erases the memories about the exciting places and things that we saw and did during the holidays.

The solution: Look back onto the holidays from the previous years and try to recall how you felt when they ended. Do you feel nostalgic every time after the end of the holidays? If the answer is yes, then your chances of feeling depressed this year are high, too. Think about what you did the last time in order to feel better. And try, if possible, to spend more time in the company of your friends.

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