A painfully familiar situation: you decide that you are going to stop complaining about those extra kilograms and you are going to get yourself together. But having hardly started a particular diet, you lose the will to follow it and you surrender, giving in to your favourite culinary sins. Because in the vast jungle of diets and healthy eating methods you don’t know any more which one actually makes sense and which one is only empty promises. In recent years, however, a revolutionary diet has become an everyday life for top models with perfect bodies like Sara Sampaio and Karlie Kloss. The paleo diet.

What is the paleo diet?

“Sit-ups are done in the kitchen”, love to make a joke some personal trainers. And their explanations behind this thesis are actually based on common sense. In effect, it is much easier to skip a few calories with the help of a balanced diet than trying to burn them with an intense workout.

Despite the fact that you do need to work out, about 85 percent of your success depends on your diet. Fitness professionals, working with supermodels like Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Irina Shayk and Martha Hunt, share the secret eating plan of their clients – the so-called paleo diet, which according to specialists is the healthiest and most effective diet of all known to the present day. It is perfect for losing weight and at the same time for building up muscle tissue.

The creator of the paleo diet – the American doctor Loren Cordain – researched the eating habits of hunters from ancient times as well as the nutritional value of wild plans and meat from wild animals, consumed by man, and as a result of this he created a diet, based predominantly on natural foods which would keep both your body and your spirit in a good shape.

How does the diet function?

The paleo diet is restricted to foods which our ancestors used to eat in the Stone Age: different types of fruit and vegetables, roots, nuts, eggs, fish and meat. It excludes dairy products and all grains, processed food, artificial sugar, salt and alcohol. The paleo diet is based on the low-carbohydrate concept, which is rich in healthy fats.

Its basic idea is the intake of the abovementioned main products in combination with enough physical activity. Its purpose is not only to keep you away from the extra kilos, but also to maintain your body in a perfect condition.

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