The hairstyle that saves our lives on a bad hair day, regardless of the fact whether we are at mid-length or we have reached Rapunzel, is the nonchalant bun. There is no easier styling – we make a ponytail, we twist the hair around the elastic that we have used to fix the ponytail and we keep the hair in shape using hairpins. And if we have a bunch of hair slightly out of place or even sticking out – there is no drama at all, the more nonchalant it looks, the more comfortable and fascinating it is.

We wear our bun low, next to the back of the neck or quite the contrary – high, high above. In case we feel like it, we may even start playing with some challenges and make it more beautiful – we plait up some of the hair or we form the tail in a ribbon.

We have a number of options to give a new rendition to this well-known hairstyle with the help of a few additional accessories. We start playing with scarves and we twist them around the bun itself or we wear them as hairbands. Naughty and colourful – you’d better change them often and add a bit more vividness to the summer.

The huge and super-girly ribbons that we have already told you about also match the whole picture with a wink easily and perfectly. Again, you have complete freedom, so trust your imagination and place them wherever you feel like.

The nonchalant bun is our universal tip about what to do with our hair when we don’t have much time, but we want to look great and we want to get it over and done with, without any additional care for the rest of the day. We count on it when we go to work out at the gym, but we also trust it for a party, or just a walk in the city.

Whenever we feel like giving it a little more elegant and sophisticated look, we simply slick it back with more care and effort and we add more volume to the actual bun by teasing the hair and using a texturising spray at the base of the tail. Velvet hair accessories and hairpins adorned with shiny stones give final touches to the styling.

We have also marked the official start of festival season. If you want your hair to last you the whole day of sun, dancing and obstacles of all sorts, the nonchalant bun is again there for you and helps you conquer every song and every move. Hairbands covered in flowers and colourful beads are amongst the must-haves on your best festival accessories list.

If you curl up your hair or at least dry it with a diffuser, you are going to give your bun a totally new look and a completely different level of volume. Experiment, test and try whatever techniques come to your mind. Your imagination is boundless, and so are the possibilities for your hair.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Bloglovin, Anette Hovland

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