The holidays are getting closer, and together with them the long dinners, the delicious food, the piles of seductive treats, the usual ‘Take some, you are going to offend me’, provoking in us a permanent (or not that much) feeling of guilt. And instead of spending January, which is unpleasant anyway, doing diets and denying ourselves what we want, we decided that this year we are going to get prepared in advance. We are going to do a light, smart detox that does not go into extremes. It is not harmful and as long as there is enough will, it could become a way of life. This is more like a change in the lifestyle and the daily habits, rather than those well-known drastic measures. We are going to cleanse our body and boost our immune system right before the holidays, exactly when we need it the most!


A cliché, but we cannot do without it. We start the day by drinking one or two glasses of water with sea salt and the juice from one lemon. During the day we need to continue consuming it, no matter how much we prefer coffee. It purifies the body and the soul, it is a true healer!

Body brush

Before taking a shower, use the brush in question, starting from your feet and going up to the heart. This stimulates the blood circulation, it removes the dead skin and purifies the pores. After such a shower, you are going to be as good as new! If you can, make visits to the sauna or the steam room more frequently. Sweating during detox is of paramount importance!

Hot and cold

Take turns with hot and cold water while you are taking a shower, no matter how stressful this might seem at the beginning. Hot water for 30 seconds, then cold for 30 seconds. Do this for about 5 or more minutes. This strengthens the nerve system and it is great exercise for the skin. It would be perfect for you to include this in your routine before going to bed, when it is advisable to turn the lights off, take a long shower and drink tea just to relax. It is worth it!

Reduce the coffee

This could be the hardest part. Try reducing it to one cup per day and if you continue experiencing a strong need – replace it with green tea. For optimum digestion, it is good for you to drink a cup of caffeine-free tea between meals. We guarantee that if get used to this once, you will keep doing it forever!

Take good care of your soul

Sometimes the soul needs more food than we can imagine. Go to bed a little bit earlier if possible, read books, watch your favourite films, be active. Leave the phone for a while and take an actual human hand in yours. Nothing heals the way human touch does. And be good to yourselves, more benevolent and a little less demanding. If you have two cups of coffee or forget the lemon juice in the water in the morning, nothing deadly is going to happen. It is much scarier if you feel down and sad. And for this reason – caress your soul, Christmas is coming.

Text: Thea Denolyubova
Photos: Free Image Bank

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