We usually start detox from food, then we go through the wardrobe, the unpleasant and harmful habits, we reach for the cosmetic bag, but we forget about the moment when our bodies are in ultimate relaxation. During a shower or a long bath, we are often exposed to a number of toxins and this happens for a number of reasons. Parabens, colourants, obtrusive smells, polluters – all these and more are hiding in the products that we use during a shower and even afterwards. It all depends on the amount and number of products that we use. As well as on their ingredients. The more natural, organic and clinically proven our cosmetics are, the better! We have selected several reasons to make you reconsider the ritual of taking a shower and eliminate the use of way too many unnecessary products. Because water really can heal!

We inhale everything during the shower

Apart from the fact that the ingredients of the products that we use are absorbed in our skin, they also evaporate in the air. We breathe in all this evaporation and we have to be particularly careful, especially if we are prone to allergies, asthma or we have respiratory problems.

Too much fragrance

We often choose our shower products such as shampoo, soap or shower gel based namely on their smell. Many of them, however, are heavily scented and this is exceptionally irritating both for the skin and the lungs. In case you notice that the packaging mentions the presence of perfume, then think again! You don’t know what exactly lies behind this description!

Wet skin absorbs quickly

During a shower or a bath, your skin is wet. Just like any professional might tell you, wet skin absorbs much more quickly everything that you apply on it. This is precisely why if you have dry skin, it is advisable to apply some moisturising cream while the skin is still wet.  Yet another reason for us to think about what products to use during the shower and immediately after that.

Exfoliating scrubs and hot water are a risky combination

Hot water and the exfoliating agents that we use – a scrub or a sponge with a more abrasive surface –could actually become a double-edged sword, as they predispose the skin to even more intense absorption. We need to be gentler and more careful with our bodies when it comes to choosing products. Choose a scrub with smaller and finer particles and count on a soft massage.


The warm and wet environment in the bathroom is a perfect place for bacteria. It happens quite often that we forget to close the shampoo or our favourite shower gel, for example. This way the products are exposed to an environment that is exceptionally favourable to bacteria and infections. Close after use!

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Unsplash, Pinterest

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