Ladies’ hands have served as an inspiration for a myriad of artworks. They are a home, a caress, a relief. The most beautiful ending to an embrace. They are the only part of a lady’s body which in poetry is compared to rain. They are so tender.

In time, hands begin to change and little by little they become the mirror of everything which happens to us. Sometimes they could be harmed by the sunrays on a hot day in July or by the wind at a deserted beach in November. In order to keep them beautiful for every moment when your loved one kisses them or takes them in his own hands, we need to take good care of them. Gabrielle Chanel knew this very well.

Far back in 1927 Chanel creates a beautifying hand cream which inspires the little jewel, called La Crème Main. With its ergonomic design, resembling a pebble, it fits every hand perfectly and it is here to take care of the skin as well as of the beautiful tips of the fingers.

The special wax from May rose from Grasse softens and protects the skin while Iris pallida keeps the natural skin colour of the hands and fights against dark spots.

The good news is that La Crème Main could easily be with you everywhere. Behind its beautiful shape there lies a mechanism which controls the amount you need to apply and keeps external impurities and air away. Every time you feel like getting some tenderness on, you simply need to press once.

La Crème Main is here to provide maximum comfort for your hands. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid and the shea butter it contains, hydration during the winter days is guaranteed. The more often you apply it during the cold months, the smoother your hands will be and the more comfortable you are going to feel with every successive encounter. La Crème Main is also the perfect company for the evenings in the summer, when it becomes the best night care.

La Crème Main is like a caress by a flower. Refined, tender, delicate, elegant and showing a lot of care. Because a lot of loving embraces are about to come!

La Crème Main is available starting the beginning of November.

Text: Tea Denolyubova
Photos: Chanel

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