A quite familiar situation: after many years of bleaching your hair blonde, it now has monstrously split ends. Yeeees, everything is fixable with a long-term plan for detoxification. And what is detox for your hair? Maybe holding back from the use of shampoo for a period between 7 and 21 days? But are there going to be any side effects like headaches, acne and just a general lack of energy during the time of the detoxification? Are you going to be able to use the hair straightener again?

Healthy hair, just like a healthy body and healthy skin, requires time and effort. The voluptuous shine of your hair is connected to healthy eating habits and lifestyle (drinking huge amounts of water, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly). In just a few months you will be able to witness some dramatic improvement.

Wash less

You don’t need to wash your hair every day. If you do so, however, then lather only once and always use a mild shampoo, protecting the scalp and hair. The hair conditioner is only recommended for medium length hair and you are only supposed to apply it along the ends. In case you decide to massage the scalp and the base of your hair, you are at risk of making them excessively oily. Apply at the end and comb along the whole length of your hair with a wide tooth comb and after that rinse thoroughly with water. After washing, wrap your hair in a dry cotton towel and let sit for about ten minutes. Whatever you do, under no circumstances should you rub your hair dry with the towel – this breaks the cuticle of the hair and makes it dry and brittle.

Use the right products

In case you like drying your hair with a hair dryer, apply a protective product, do not hold the device too close to the scalp, and neither should you use the high speed of the fan.

Stay away from the hair straightener and the curling iron

As long as you are fond of using a hair straightener or a curling iron, restrain yourself from their daily use and make sure you do not put them on the highest heat. In doing so, you are going to prevent the hair from breaking.

Cut down on hair colour

Blonde, blonde, blonde. Restrain yourself from bleaching your hair blonde too frequently. You could easily get addicted to the platinum colour and little by little ruin your hair in time. The chemical treatment is not always the right solution. We recommend that you consult a specialist before exposing your hair to yet another dyeing procedure. We sometimes want things which are not particularly acceptable for the way we look. Do not make a victim out of your hair, just because you want it to be blonde, curly, super straight, etc.

Cut your hair as often as possible, no matter whether you need it or not

The split ends of your hair are going to damage it even further unless you cut them regularly. Do this procedure at least once a month and you will be able to enjoy a healthy, strong and supple mane.

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