Beauty talks have always attracted our undivided attention. We search for little secrets with great effects on our self-confidence as women. This is why we contacted Chantal Reeves, an international beauty expert. We are making use of her short stay in Bulgaria in order to find out what the secrets to beautiful skin are. How are we supposed to properly take care of our skin in order to maintain our natural beauty for as long as possible? Here is what she revealed in front of Fashion Inside…

– Where does the secret to the unique beauty of French women lie?

“The youthfulness and the unique beauty of French women lie in the feeling of freedom and the joy of life.

A way of life which the beauty ritual is inseparable from.

– Is there a universal recipe for beauty?

The universal recipe is taking some time off in order to indulge the magnificent textures and aromas of your face and body care products,
“charge yourself with positive thoughts and most importantly – with a lot of love for yourself.

– What is the daily ritual which you recommend to women so that they can take good care of their skin?

The daily beauty ritual includes the following steps:

Initially and most importantly – double cleansing with a make-up removing product and then washing to refresh the skin. Afterwards, in the morning and in the evening apply a special serum in order to provide the needed moisture and nourishment for your skin. Use an elixir to restore its balance during the night. And finally, finish the ritual with an appropriate cream in order to provide complete care.

– How should we prepare our skin before bedtime?

“The formula for perfect skin lies in the combination of a serum, an elixir and a cream.

Here is how we should apply each of them. Perfectly cleanse your skin and carefully remove any traces of make-up from your face. On your now purified and dry skin, take two pumps of a serum of your choice and use soft gentle movements in order to apply it evenly on your face and neck. Next, put four drops of an Essential Oil Elixir you have chosen on your fingertips, lightly tap them against each other and before carefully applying the oil, inhale deeply three times the aroma of the elixir. After that, apply a small quantity of moisturising cream over the underlying serum and elixir with upward movements – from the neck to the forehead.

After a shower or a bath, treat your body skin to a moisturising lotion or a nourishing cream.

– What kind of care do different skin types need during wintertime?

In the wintertime all skin types need steady and intense protection in order to remain unharmed by all the negative consequences which the cold weather will cause. I recommend additional skin moisturising so that you could be safe from discomfort and lack of hydration at different skin layers, and also fortifying skin protection.

Because of the fact that all skin types become drier and dehydrated in winter, don’t be afraid to use richer textures like, for example, Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream (especially with dry and very dry skin). You could also use the other elixirs and rich textures from the Darphin catalogue, such as:

STIMULSKIN PLUS Multi-Corrective Divine Cream – Dry Skin for total anti-ageing care

PREDERMINE Densifying Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Dry Skin for a firming effect

INTRAL Redness Relief Recovery Balm

HYDRASKIN products – for dehydrated skin

FIBROGENE Line Response Nourishing Cream – age-defying and youth-defending care.

For combination to oily skin, Niaouli Aromatic Care will provide protection for irritated skin and restore its equilibrium. The ideally balanced moisturising effect of the elixir maintains steady protection against the cold weather.

– Which are the three must-have products in every woman’s cosmetic bag?

A face serum, an Essential Oil Elixir and a moisturising cream for the according skin type.

– What age would you advise ladies to start using anti-ageing cosmetics from?

The answer to this question depends more on the condition of the skin, rather than its age.

“In most situations, the most appropriate age to start using anti-ageing cosmetics is about 30 years old.

Some ladies who have a more extreme lifestyle might start with it even at an earlier age.

 – What are Darphin’s advantages over the rest of the cosmetic brands? Tell us a bit more about the therapies and little secrets which you teach to our experts here at For the Love of Beauty salon?

The cosmetic advantages of the brand lie in the professional expertise at the beauty salon and in the expertise in the massaging technique. The therapies have been the same for more than 50 years now. They were created by Pierre Darphin and he was obsessed with his customers getting the best possible service when they were visiting him, doing their kinesiotherapy with him while he was trying to heal their physical aches. He created a specific face massage – the so-called deep massage, which is still being offered at the Darphin salon in Paris. This popular massage is part of Darphin’s heritage. In order to complete and prolong its effect, there are a few secrets which you could practise at home. Apply an extra special addition to each of the care steps: a serum, an elixir and a cream.

Darphin is a French brand, created in Paris, with over 50 years of experience.

They specialise in essential oils.

Being experts in skin care, their products do not cause skin irritation, they are based on exquisite formulas and the minimum content of plant origin ingredients in a product is 80%.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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