Did you know where the Embassy of Beauty is? Naturally – in Paris! And after I have found it, I have no intention of skipping it in the future. This Parisian adventure and some more curious details straight from the horse’s mouth I am going to tell you about today. I am taking you to Champs Elysées, telling you what professional skin care is all about, and then I have a secret for you, which you can actually try out here!

The story begins 40 years ago when Yvan Allouche and his wife Josette, who is a physiotherapist, create Biologique Recherche as a research laboratory. They set themselves the goal of researching formulas for professional use, because they can’t find cosmetic products that truly satisfy their needs. And this is how the Biologique Recherche method was created, which uses concentrated raw materials and a variety of new techniques for their application.

Captivated by his parents’ dream, their son Philippe Allouche becomes a physician and after some time takes on his father’s business. This is how the brand grows and today you can find it in more than 70 countries around the globe as the symbol of a unique philosophy and top-class personalised skin care.

The Biologique Recherche headquarters and its leading centre, called the Embassy of Beauty, are located at 32, Av. des Champs Elysées. This is exactly where I am taking you today, because I had the pleasure of being its guest and trying out what I can only call a “5-star sensation for the skin and the senses”.

While I am sipping at my tea in the lounge I notice inside an Arab princess who is amongst my top favourite fashion icons. They tell me that I can’t mention her name, because it is forbidden to speak about the guests. This is how I know that you can find there quite popular people who trust the brand.

After a short walk, which I take to have a look at the interior of the emblematic building, I find out that we can also take care of our scalp here, apart from the skin of the face and the body. Again, after a careful personal examination with a professional, you can identify the problems and find solutions to them.

I can’t wait to try the facial procedure and it starts skin diagnosis – measuring skin sebum, hydration, lipids and elasticity. I find out that even in the 70s Biologique Recherche create the term ‘skin condition’, which makes them pioneers in the personalised approach in cosmetics.

Then follows the best part – an expert chooses and applies on your skin the products that it needs the most, while making sure you are perfectly relaxed and in absolute comfort.

Ah, I am sometimes even jealous of myself!

I am surprised to find the innovative moves that the brand’s specialist uses and I enjoy a one-hour elixir for the senses and the skin.

Here I will keep quiet for a while, because it is soooo nice…

After the end of the procedure that includes the face, neck and shoulders, I can only advise you to try it, because the feeling… cannot be expressed in words. And yet, if I had to use words, I would choose ‘lightness’, ‘health’, ‘purity’, ‘youth’…

On my way out, I receive a bag with all my skin indicators and tips on how to take proper care of it. I also find out that it is a good idea to visit one of the brand’s salons 1 or 2 times per month in order to maintain the good condition of my skin, but there is no need to convince me any further, I am definitely coming back!

And finally, the secret. I tell them that I am from Bulgaria and ask them if there is a way for me to take such care of my skin. I explained that I can’t go to Paris every month. And the answer? “Oh, Bulgaria is very important to us! We have representatives and trained specialists there. Here is where you can find them!”

You can find the full list of beauty salons and SPA centres partnering Biologique Recherche in Bulgaria here.

This is the end of my daily retreat in the name of beauty. And in case you can’t make it to Paris right now, try here, because the brand can also offer its high standards to its customers here in Bulgaria!

Text: Desislava Rancheva

Photos: Biologique Recherche

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