In the season when nature is reviving and all is ruled by colours and sweet aromas, CHANEL surprise us with some new fragrant and colourful suggestions. Capture their uniqueness and turn it into your trade mark!


Sensual and sophisticated, COCO MADEMOISELLE is saturated with boldness and elegance. With its strong character, the oriental aroma is at the same time surprisingly fresh. It carries the essence of the free-thinking and independent woman. Sparkling orange top notes introduce a clear and sensual heart of rose and jasmine, which are all based in the pure accents of patchouli and vetiver.

In 2017 the line launches a new limited edition accessory – Parfum Purse Spray. Nestled in a beige case, you could have it in your purse wherever you go so that you may use it any time you like. A delicate and voluptuous gesture which will revive the notes of COCO MADEMOISELLE.

Parfum Purse Spray 7.5 ml

BLEU DE CHANEL Refillable Travel Spray

With BLEU DE CHANEL Travel Spray men can have the fragrance with themselves wherever they want at any time. An elegant and practical 20-milimitre format with 3 refills, you could easily slip it into your sports bag or the suitcase.

The fragrance stands out with its noble freshness, achieved through citrus accords and an explosion of woody notes. A vibrating mixture of cedar and amber, vanilla and tonka bean from Venezuela. Sandalwood from New Caledonia and musk make for the smooth and dense character of the scent.


CHANCE EAU VIVE is the first interpretation, crafted by Olivier Polge in collaboration with the CHANEL Laboratory. A creation which provokes and gives a wave of energy to those who were born under a lucky star.

CHANCE EAU VIVE is concentrated energy that sweeps you into a whirlwind of vitality from the very first second. Grapefruit, which is present in the original formulation of CHANCE, gives a slightly bitter undertone. Here, however, it has been paired with blood orange. The citrus notes immediately give a feeling of light freshness. Gradually, the jasmine and white musk make themselves present, just before being enveloped into a mist of earthy vetiver and iris-cedary notes, which emphasise the sparkling grapefruit accord.


Through a variety of soft, luminous, matt and silk shades of makeup, the COCO CODES Collection invites women to embrace the colour codes of CHANEL and apply them in accordance with their individual style.

In the limited edition COCO CODE EXCLUSIVE CREATION Blush Harmony four perfect rouge colours have been chosen for you to create many inspiring combinations – two luminous and two matt shades. They could be applied on your cheeks by mixing the four colours with a simple swirl of the brush through them, or used individually for achieving a variety of different effects.

For the eyes CHANEL draw inspiration from gold and beige hues. The two palettes LES 4 OMBRES make a bold and glamorous statement with rich colours, but also call for natural warmness, allowing you to explore the depth of these two sets of codes by CHANEL. The Codes Élégants are the more daring combination in the pair – they are comprised of tones of real gold, heated platinum, deep brown, and old gold. The Codes Subtils are the perfect choice for a trendy look: soft and luminous peach-blossom pink, copper grey, thick bronze and, dense and dark ebony.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: CHANEL

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