We are going to pay due respect to manicure – this miraculous part of a woman’s hand which in many cases turns out to be the mightiest weapon. Because, as we know, the devil hides in the details. In years, nails have become a true canvas for painting. This is where the term nail art comes from – and when we mention it, we really are speaking about art. It, obviously, varies and changes according to personal tastes, preferences and imagination. But one thing is certain – every lady can transform her nails into actual jewellery pieces. We have selected 5 trends which are going to be popular during the cold season and the upcoming year. They inspire us to experiment and create lots and lots of beauty.


If you are a fan of minimalist and simple design, this is the best choice for you. Nails are separated with a horizontal line, in most cases a thin one. It could be black or colourful, or we could play with transparency. It is a great trend, which is not difficult to achieve at home with the help of a thin sticky strip. We accept baseline nails as a must-have!


A trend for the braver ones. Nails become little windows to the world. These wide-open mini eyes are more curious than ever. Here is an interesting switch of the roles – you are looking at your hands and they are looking back at you! We are thinking of taking it easy and trying the baseline effect first. But why not risk it for New Year’s Eve?

The evolution of all things French

Our so well-known French manicure is having its inner revolution. Here the white part of the nail grabs the attention. The difference with the classic French manicure is that here the base is polished with an opaque shade and the upper part has metallic shine or any colour of the rainbow. The lines are not always perfect. Their shapes are new, contemporary and bizarre. A brand new rendition of the good old thing we are all used to!

Write everything you think

We got used to writing our thoughts on T-shirts, tops, bags, shoes, underwear, statuses, walls… everywhere. This winter manicure lends us a little more space. We could write everything – from fashion slogans to innermost secrets. But also, something, provoking a new encounter. We simply need to take off our gloves, no matter how cold it might be. The conversation is bound to begin… it is inevitable.

No further than the centre

The main character in manicure this winter, this is the centre of the nail. No matter whether we draw a star, a dot, or a heart, the most important thing is to place it right at the centre and not even a millimetre away. A particularly aesthetic trend as it creates a particularly pleasing connection between nails. We are going to try it out, it doesn’t look difficult at all!

Text: Thea Denolyubova
Photos: Instagram

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