Spring fatigue. We all know the symptoms quite well. They all affect us more or less and that’s why we have decided to offer you 3 easy steps to deal with them so that you can recharge your batteries. We are now well-equipped and ready to welcome this season with all its beauty! See how

Choose your sport now!

Every season is good when you are in a great shape! No more procrastination, choose your sport now! It will lift up your spirit, improve the overall state of your whole body and provide you with a burst of energy. Start with something that makes you feel good and gives you a sense of fulfilment. Working out at the gym, swimming, yoga, dancing, horse riding or jogging – these a just a few of the options, but you’d better go for something that involves some kind of outdoor activities. Nature is waking up for a new life – it’s a good idea for you to actually see this happening because this way it will really have a beneficial effect on you.

You may encourage your motivation even further by looking at the most efficient sports applications available.

If you haven’t been particularly fond of sport so far and jogging or intense workouts seem too hard for you, then you could simply start with walking first. A walk of about 20 minutes in the fresh morning air could not only wake up your senses, but also provide you with the energy you need for the whole day. Afterwards, little by little proceed with the sport of your liking. We promise that you will be enjoying a brand-new type of unexpectedly good mood and attitude to life!


Fruit, vegetables and proteins!

One of the main reasons for spring fatigue is the lack of enough vitamin intake during the winter months. The time has come for us to introduce some variety to our diet by including more fresh salads and increasing the amount of fresh fruit we consume.

It’s an even better idea to mix several types of fruit and/or vegetables at once and make a nourishing smoothie. This is a great alternative for those of you who are not so fond of having breakfast in the morning.

And in case you want to make your smoothies even healthier and more nutritious, then you could add some kind of protein. Proteins are known for their high levels of Vitamin B, which helps us deal with stress. They also contain plenty of digestive enzymes that improve our metabolism as well as fibre, which maintains the feeling of being full for longer.

We suggest that you try NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN, which comes in two flavours – raw Peruvian cocoa or Australian vanilla. Both types are entirely organic, vegan-friendly and enriched with 9 amino-acids.

If you haven’t tried protein powder up to now, this spring is a good time to treat your body to some extra care in the form of different vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It will certainly thank you later!

Enjoy the sun

The sun is most definitely one of the things that bring great joy in our lives in springtime. Don’t wait until the weekend to take a walk in the park and collect some Vitamin D in the sunshine. Instead, invite the sun into your home or office. Lift up the blinds, open the windows and let the sunshine in.

The human body is organised in such a way that it synchronises with light, be it natural or artificial. The intensity of artificial lighting, however, has negative consequences not only on the eyes, but also on the brain because it acts as a predisposition to chronic fatigue. Natural light, on the other hand, mellows down the state of feeling sleepy and is actually capable of increasing our ability to work more efficiently.

The sun is here for us anyway, what could be easier than simply enjoying it to the fullest?

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Unsplash.com, VieEco.bg

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