Be your best friend

The person that is always going to keep you company in life is you yourself. Love yourself, like yourself, be careful with yourself. Be content. In most of the cases it is you yourself who brings about the worst disappointments and problems to yourself. Without even realising it.

Have more fun

Learn this from children. They know how to. And we have forgotten how to. Allow these little heroes to constantly teach you how to have fun. The less seriously you take life, the lighter and more enjoyable your journey through it will be.

Be grateful

For everything. Look around and see what you have. This is a reason for you to be thankful. Look at your closest ones – they are a reason for being grateful. Even the smallest details which you usually overlook are a reason for being grateful. It is surprising how quickly and effortlessly people take everything that surrounds them for granted. But life has a lesson about this, too – is could so rapidly take away the things it has given you that you would find it hard to believe.

Live in the present

The past is past. The future does not yet exist. Make plans, but do not build your life on them. Because, as the saying goes – “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” If you manage to live without expectations, you are going to lead a truly happy life.

Take care of your health

Health is the basis of all life. If it is unstable, everything else falls apart. Take good care of yourself every single day. Have an active lifestyle. Do not deny yourself any pleasures, but do not overindulge either. Be active, sleep well and take a holiday at any given opportunity.

Change for the better

Nothing in the world remains unchanged. Everything flows and everything changes. There is no way for you to live one and the same day twice. This is the trade mark of science fictions. Surely there are déjà-vu situations, but they have their own meaning. Change is something good and it broadens the horizon, the perception and the relationship with the surrounding world.

Nobody owes you anything

Just like you do not owe anybody anything. Everything that you want to do for other people is based on your own willingness and moral principles. You should not expect from the others to be like you. This is another of the most difficult life lessons which most people fail to understand even after multiple times. But the sooner you realise this, the more peace of mind you are going to have, the less disappointments you are going to experience because of other people’s actions.

Slow down

Chasing after time can only make you weary. Take your time, life is much more pleasant and meaningful when you are not constantly pushed for time. The pace at which today’s world is moving is frantic, but there is always room for five minutes of doing nothing or Sundays when everything slows down.

Do not try to change people

The only thing they are going to give you in return in unsuspected opposition. Accept people the way they are. Try to inspire them with your own actions. This way they are going to have a much better chance of wanting to change than when you are trying to impose it on them.

Mistakes are lessons

Mistakes are an inseparable part of life and the most reliable way to learn something about how it functions. Every step along the way might bring about some failure. Do not focus on this, but rather on the lesson that the situation teaches you. Make mistakes. Just do not repeat the same mistake over and over again.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova
Photos: Pinterest

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